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AnthroShark hedovibes 80 header sex toys photo

Sex Toy Review Round Up: Hedovibes #80

CONTESTS Win a 100 Pack of Assorted Condoms! (2/27) 50 Shades of Grey Spartacus Leather Kink Kit Giveaway (2/27) 2 8-oz bottles of SPUNK Pink Lube (2/27) Win a £75 sex toys voucher to spend at Adult Toys UK in this Cara Sutra giveaway…
willa okati banner

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Willa Okati

Willa Okati would say there isn’t much to say about herself, but she’s always been a wordy little fuck so that might not be the absolute truth. Writing has been her escape, her therapy, and her avocation since the days…
Cake sploshing fetish Kinky WAM

The fuck feast fantasy

With each thrust of the Dominant women behind them the men give a loud groan; of pain or pleasure the viewer cannot be sure. What is certain is that the noise combined with his tongue buried deep in the pussy…
bree guildford sex blogger spotlight at cara sutra

Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Bree Guildford

I'm a 30-something writer of erotica and sex blogger, from New Zealand. When I started my blog, 'Bree Guildford Erotica' in December 2013 it was primarily to share my writing, however I soon developed a passion for sex blogging…

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fly zipper man with two penises

I feel sorry for the guy with two penises

Not because he’s got two penises. Not because I feel that he’s some kind of freak of nature who deserves my pity. Because of the world’s reaction to him. The man with two penises. That’s how he’s described everywhere, that’s…
kinky spanking and bruises in bdsm

Censored sexuality: why the UK porn ban is so terrifying

Will spanking, caning, whipping and other forms of corporal punishment, which have been a great part of British sexual history and tradition, be phased out over the coming decades? If a playful smack on the bottom leads to a full…
Film Noir Boudoir

Fetish Friday: The time I made him make me safeword

The flashes of his face in between squeezing my eyes closed to meet the red to white pain showed me the truth of this man. Not the yawn-worthy ‘eyes of steel’ but something harder, something so terribly bad, something much…

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the womanizer sex toy review-22

Review: The Womanizer W100 Clitoral Stimulator (Black)

If you struggle to orgasm then the Womanizer could be what you’re looking for to put matters right. The Womanizer guarantee of being able to give every woman an orgasm with this unique marvel certainly hasn’t been disproven by me,…
LELO Mona Wave - CS-13

Review: LELO Mona Wave Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

Combined with the original fantastic features of the LELO Mona (if it ain’t broke…) such as the easy to hold handle, the slender neck contrasted by the wider shaft to enjoy enveloping entirely and the powerful vibrations, the wave motion…

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Honoured to have received such accolades as Xcite Books’ Best Sex Blog and winner of the ETO Awards 2013 and ETO Awards 2014 Best Erotic Journalist award, Cara Sutra regularly writes sex toy reviews and gives honest, unbiased feedback about bedroom & sex products such as vibrators, dildos, cock rings, fetish and BDSM items, soft bondage restraints, erotic books, sexy lingerie, high heel shoes and more. You can find the best sex toy reviews and feedback about brand new sex toys right here at Cara Sutra.

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