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Billi Jean

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Billi Jean

He tore her leggings down and, in a hurry, pressed her leg up and open. She positioned him and with a hot moan, she stroked along the ultra sensitive head. He had to tense every muscle to hold still for…
leather gloved hand of Mistress Cara

Capture by the Goddess

Debbie was naked apart from a leather collar around her neck. She was on her knees and hands at the side of Zoe who held a leash attached to the collar. It was Zoe however from whom I could not…
spoons couple spooning in love


Recursive ripples of pleasure emanating from our tangled form. My mouth taking in the pre-cum slicked tip of his cock, my lips wet by my tongue between taking more and more of his shaft until he’s fucking my throat. His…
cheating infidelity adultery affairs on partner

A man only cheats due to lack of sex

Does a man really only cheat due to lack of sex from his partner? Do people really believe this? I'm not sure how this myth started, but it certainly helps absolve men from any blame due to infidelity. A man cheats because…
Rebecca Brooks headshot

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Rebecca Brooks

Because lifting his arms to the doorframe made his jacket rise up enough to expose the top of his low-slung jeans. As well as the thin green line of his boxers hugging his hips underneath. It didn’t take X-ray vision…

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Paying for her first lesbian sex experience

The streaming water hit my naked skin hard, hot and cathartic. I stood under the shower and enjoyed having time to focus on the night's plans. I lathered up, letting my hands roam over my breasts, soapy fingers sliding over…
kinky spanking and bruises in bdsm

Censored sexuality: why the UK porn ban is so terrifying

Will spanking, caning, whipping and other forms of corporal punishment, which have been a great part of British sexual history and tradition, be phased out over the coming decades? If a playful smack on the bottom leads to a full…

Recent Reviews

Nexus Ace Remote Controlled Butt Plug-CS-800-20

Review: Nexus Ace Remote Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug

The Nexus Ace remote controlled butt plug is a new twist on a traditional sex toy. It’s made from a body safe, non-porous material, is rechargeable with a decent magnetic USB charger, has a wireless remote control, is waterproof, powerful…

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Honoured to have received such accolades as Xcite Books’ Best Sex Blog and winner of the ETO Awards 2013 and ETO Awards 2014 Best Erotic Journalist award, Cara Sutra regularly writes sex toy reviews and gives honest, unbiased feedback about bedroom & sex products such as vibrators, dildos, cock rings, fetish and BDSM items, soft bondage restraints, erotic books, sexy lingerie, high heel shoes and more. You can find the best sex toy reviews and feedback about brand new sex toys right here at Cara Sutra.

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Cara Sutra is also the Creative Director of The Cara Sutra Collection Ltd, a range of top quality bondage sex toys & accessories beginning with the Fantasy by Cara Sutra beginners bondage kit.

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