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JC Winchester Erotic Author

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: JC Winchester

This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is JC Winchester who has written a variety of erotic books and has provided some sexy excerpts for Cara Sutra readers to enjoy! Discover more about this talented erotic author in the feature…

Featured Posts

hearing loss deafness and disability and sex

Deafness, disability and dodgy DVDs

For someone with high frequency hearing loss like myself, subtitles are not just an option when watching any kind of televisual media, they’re a necessity. I don’t flip them on in case the kids start playing up and I miss…
Woman with her hand in her pink and black polka dot lace panties

Show and Tell: When Women Compare Vaginas

Sneaky side-eye over the urinals. Super small condoms as a hilarious Secret Santa. Banter over a mate’s ‘missus’ being unhappy with what’s on offer. Men have been comparing cock size for years. Perhaps even the Stone Age man got a…
Vote in the ETO Awards 2014

Pre-event: ETO Show & Awards 2015

The past year has disappeared in a haze of sex & sex toys, and it’s almost time for one of the biggest events of the adult industry year – the ETO Show & Awards. This year is the 11th year of…

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pussy lube cam pics cara sutra review-1

Pussy Juice Vagina Scented Lube Review

If you’re following me on Twitter you may have seen me mention this lube over the past couple of weeks. When I spotted Pussy Juice Vagina Scented Lube in the ‘up for being tested’ list that Uber Kinky sends its…
njoy fun wand steel dildo cara sutra review-36

Review: Njoy Fun Wand – Stainless Steel Double Ended Dildo

The smoothly polished Njoy Fun Wand is a spectacular member of the Njoy steel sex toys family and incredibly cool in all senses of the word. This ingeniously curved, beaded and double ended steel dildo holds a universal appeal. Giving…
demonia muerto boots review Cara Sutra 800-28

Review: Demonia Muerto 1026 Goth Boots

These Demonia Muerto Boots are absolutely stunning. They’re eyecatching, quick and easy to fasten and comfortable to wear even for a long and standing type event. I recently gave them a full work out on a girl date and I…

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cs-square-2014-500Cara Sutra is a multi award winning erotic sexuality magazine & blog based in the UK. Cara Sutra writes sex toy reviews, acts as regular consultant to and journalist for the adult industry with detailed reports from sex industry events, shares help and advice in sex and relationship features and articles as well as acting as a foremost sex blogger with a personal sex blog. She is also known as Cara Houiellebecq, the renowned professional sex toys tester enjoying over 15 orgasms a week!

Honoured to have received such accolades as Xcite Books’ Best Sex Blog and winner of the ETO Awards 2013 and ETO Awards 2014 Best Erotic Journalist award, Cara Sutra regularly writes sex toy reviews and gives honest, unbiased feedback about bedroom & sex products such as vibrators, dildos, cock rings, fetish and BDSM items, soft bondage restraints, erotic books, sexy lingerie, high heel shoes and more. You can find the best sex toy reviews and feedback about brand new sex toys right here at Cara Sutra.

Find out the best Fetish and BDSM advice in Cara Sutra’s helpful articles for men, women and couples, covering subjects such as beginners to bondage, moving on from Fifty Shades of Grey, extreme fetishes, FemDom, male chastity and Dominance and submission.

Other areas of interest are the Cara Sutra photography gallery, the Cara Sutra Shop, friendly and free adult chat at the Cara Sutra forum and real life sex stories in the Cara Sutra Blog.

Cara Sutra is also the Creative Director of The Cara Sutra Collection Ltd, a range of top quality bondage sex toys & accessories beginning with the Fantasy by Cara Sutra beginners bondage kit.

On a personal note, I run the Cara Sutra website & associated works full time. If you appreciate the work I put into this site, please donate towards running costs and my efforts in maintaining a sex positive, informative and entertaining space on the internet:

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