These cuffs were sent to me for the purpose of a honest, fair and unbiased review from LELO. Thank you!

The LELO Etherea Silk Cuffs are almost like clothing, or romantic fashion accessories, rather than hardcore BDSM or bondage toys. Obviously made with a softer focus, a couples foreplay session in mind, the LELO Etherea Silk Cuffs are available in Black, Red or Purple and feel sumptuously soft and comfortable around either the wrists or ankles.

My LELO Etherea Silk Cuffs are in black, as I received them as part of the LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set, along with the Sensua Suede Whip and the Luna Beads Noir.

The function and attachment method of the LELO Etherea Silk Cuffs is simple to grasp. There’s a wider piece of fabric which sits around your choice of limb to gently restrain, which is threaded on to a long, dual layer of silk, almost like a ribbon but thicker and much more luxurious.

The central wider piece of material which sits around, let’s face it, probably the wrist has a reversible quality. One side has a soft suede material, which also features a small branded with LELO tag, while the other is patterned silk for a smoother, cooler feel.

I love that the LELO Etherea Silk Cuffs can be used not only for bedroom play but also as part of an outfit for a fun and flirty adult night out, perhaps to a club or to a fetish event. I also found out that one of the cuffs makes for a quite attractive choker! Perfect for a goth look.

With the LELO Etherea Silk Cuffs you are receiving a well made bondage accessory however you must remember that the main use of these cuffs is a very ‘tease’ feel rather than properly restraining the willing submissive. I feel that they’re more for foreplay and during sex antics rather than using with a lifestyle slave or submissive who would be properly fighting against the restraints and could damage them if real force was used.

If you’d like to try these out for yourself, they’re available at LELO in a choice of Black, Red or Purple. You can buy the LELO Etherea Silk Cuffs here at LELO for £34. You can also find them at Lovehoney for £33.99.

They will arrive in a glossy wrapped, lidded box (the one in the pictures is for a red set of cuffs, not black) which you can use to store them in between uses, too. Perfect!


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