Erotic Author Spotlight Series: D.L. King

The Story of O, Carrie’s Story and Fifty Shades of Grey. Top award-winning editor and writer D. L. King and her masterful eroticists offer the reader an immersive experience into the world of pleasure and power in Slave Girls: Erotic Stories of Submission. True to its name, this collection is all about women in submission who know exactly what they need. These sexy, subversive stories of submissives whose cravings won’t stop until every need is satisfied come from the very best eroticists including Alison Tyler, Sommer Marsden and D.L. King herself.

Film Noir Boudoir

Fetish Friday: The time I made him make me safeword

The flashes of his face in between squeezing my eyes closed to meet the red to white pain showed me the truth of this man. Not the yawn-worthy ‘eyes of steel’ but something harder, something so terribly bad, something much worse than a wall of nothing. A wall of something. A sentient sadism like two glinting knife edges poised to strike and enjoying the process of fear in their victim. Dark, so dark like chocolate turned to charcoal – the embers shining in the centre of them the only external view of the deviant fire blazing within.

cock shots and naked photos

Why naked pics and cock shots don’t do it for me

When I receive a cock shot in my inbox, I feel none of the sensations and emotions that the above mental imagery conjures up. I see, quite patently and very boringly, penis. Oh look, it’s a penis. Thanks. There’s absolutely zero sensation or stimulation whether in my brain, throat, nipples, clit or deep inside my pussy. Nothing. A mild sense of irritation that my time has been wasted opening this message, and perhaps a deeper sense of disappointment if said penis-pic has come from a contact I expected more from than to send me cock shots as some failed attempt at getting my attention and summoning arousal. I toss the email, with disdain, into the trash bin. These days, I don’t even reply to the contact with surprise, anger, or upset. I simply cut all ties.

red pussy hair3

Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Red Pussy Hair

Ryan P.’s blog, red-pussy-hair.blogspot.com is a personal sexual journal that chronicles his responses to naked people and pictures of naked people. Discussing his relationships with women, porn, early (and current) masturbation experiences, it explores, in his own words: “things I’ve done, things I wish I’d done, and things I probably shouldn’t have done”.

sunny megatron new tv show sex education positive 2014

Sex news: Volunteers wanted for Sunny Megatron’s New Sex Positive Education TV Show

Sunny Megatron is looking for YOU.
Both individuals and couples are requested to volunteer, and the participants will ideally be interested in:
Trying out sexually adventurous experiences (threesomes, BDSM, orgasmic meditation, to name just a few!)
Participating on camera if required
Discussing myth busting and breaking down taboos relating to all aspects of sexuality, kink and BDSM
The TV show will air on pay cable channels in Canada and the United States and will be hosted by the one and only Sunny Megatron. Sunny is the famous and award winning sex educator based in Chicago, IL.

Mistress Severity by Alex Jordaine

Erotic Book News: Watch Alex Jordaine’s ‘Mistress Series’ video; plus, free copy of Mistress Severity for everyone

As well as this promo video, you can also nab one of Alex Jordaine’s novels for free. That’s right, this isn’t a one copy giveaway, but instead there’s a free sexy e-book for everyone.
Mistress Severity has been chosen as a free book offer in iTunes for July 2014, ending on the 31st. Just click through to find out more details and to get your copy.
If you’d like to know more about Alex Jordaine you can read the Erotic Author Spotlight Series feature post here, and you can find out more about his novels in the many posts featuring his works at Cara Sutra here.


Journey to Leeds to see Wicked the Musical

I could only take pictures before the show started, as they weren’t allowed in the show understandably. The show was simply amazing. I hadn’t seen Wicked before and knew it was something to do with the backstory of the wicked witch and the good witch Glinda from the famed Wizard of Oz, but I couldn’t have imagined how clever, hilarious and how moving it would be. The wicked witch is so misunderstood! You also learn what happened with the third witch, that the house fell on, the scarecrow, the lion and the tin man. Plus so much more. There was a standing ovation at the end and my hands were sore from clapping so hard and for so long.


Birthday BBQ at Kerrie’s

28th June was the date set for my mate Kerrie’s birthday bash; a BBQ at her and her man’s pad and a ton of other friends and family too. It was a really fun day and I ended up crashing for the night after chats til very late!

Huge thanks to Kerrie for inviting me/us and for all the fabulous food, drink and good girly times. Glad you liked my kinky presents ;)

PS I want your bathroom! Such an amazing bath.

hedovibes 49 naughty toy box reviews

Sex Toys Reviews Round Up: HedoVibes #49

Win a free Bettie Page Collar Me Set -by Penny (ends 7/11)
Win a Fleshlight Launchpad -by NaughtyCC (ends 7/16)
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GET WET with Wet’s HUGE Giveaway! -by Slutty Girl Problems (ends 7/27)
Win the Segzi Stroker plus Cheeky Weekend Goodies! -by Cara Sutra (ends 7/27)
Giveaway: Red, White, And Blue (Two Prize Packs) -by BeckandHerKinks (ends 7/30)
Blog Anniversary Giveaway: 9 Prizes -by Kinky Biker Mom (ends 7/31)
Happy Blog Anniversary To Me -by JustLikeHeaven (ends 7/31)
Competition! – Time To Squirt Watch -by Naughty Toy Box (ends 8/7)
Win a $50 gift card to Good Vibrations when I reach 1000 twitter followers -by Property Of Potter

tamsin flowers bio erotic author spotlight series at Cara Sutra

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Tamsin Flowers

Have you ever wondered whether zombies have sex? Fall in love? Lust after humans? The five stories in this red hot collection of zombie erotica will answer all these questions and more. Meet the Peeping Zom, who develops an obsession with a hot human blonde. Who looks after new zombies and teaches them the art of zombie love-making? And how would you react if the love of your life came home one evening with a zombie bite? Tamsin Flowers has written a collection of always entertaining and sometimes thought provoking erotic zombie shorts which will teach you one thing at least – zombies have the best sex!


Competition: Win the brand new Segzi Stroker for Men, plus couples sex toys & lube!

Segzi have recently launched their brand NEW masturbator for men, the Segzi Super Bumped Stroker. You can read my review for the Segzi Super Bumped Stroker here. This male masturbator, very similar to a Fleshlight at an amazing value for money price, is a replica of the vaginal entrance of the beautiful Karla Karter, a petite blonde girl next door with huge breasts and a cheeky grin.


Whirlwind of Fire

The evening passed in the usual blur where time speeds up and excitement is at a high. We got closer and closer during the evening and exchanged flirty banter and those looks. You know the ones. Curious, daring, challenging, knowing. Time was escaping us, rushing past in an echo of Alice in Wonderland madness. Swept up in her crazy hotness and wild fire we rebelled and kissed – and our lips then tongues meeting was fire to fire. The taste of not girl, but woman. Full knowledge and comprehension of actions, not some naive innocent who will later regret.


Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Teal Valentine

I’ve been reviewing sex toys for Lovehoney since July 2012 but never even considered the idea of starting a blog because blogs seemed like distant, magical things I had no idea about. I actually had one about a year ago but that was back when I abandoned pretty much everything I ever started so it didn’t last long. I finally decided I was ready to have another go early this year and just went for it after a lot of thought, planning and help from more established bloggers.

adult sex ed month June 2014 cara sutra sponsor

Thanks to A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind for the amazing campaign of Adult Sex Ed Month

Adult Sex Ed Month has been an even bigger success than in previous years, down to the bloggers, writers, educators and sponsors involved but also because of one amazing lady, Bonnie from A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind. Working consistently long hours every day during June 2014 and no doubt before and beyond, Bonnie tirelessly campaigned on behalf of good sex education for everyone, formatting and scheduling posts, providing updated schedules of posts to everyone involved, reiterating the way the Adult Sex Ed month website and blog worked to people who continually asked questions of her (namely; me).


Sinful Sunday World Cup Competition: Win a massive Fantasy by Cara Sutra bondage kit prize bundle!

The huge Fantasy by Cara Sutra Sinful Sunday bondage prize haul:
A Fantasy by Cara Sutra beginner’s bondage kit in your choice of black or red
Fantasy by Cara Sutra bondage tape, red
Lady Finger Vibrator (kindly donated by La Boudoir Boutique)
Set of Vibratone Jiggle Balls (kindly donated by La Boudoir Boutique)
Cherry Vanilla (-giggle-) scented Yankee Candle
2x Fantasy by Cara Sutra stickers
2x Fantasy by Cara Sutra button badges
An extremely limited edition Fantasy by Cara Sutra coaster

pubic hair - sexy or not sexy? should you wax or shave it off?

Pubic Hair: Is it sexy or a turn off? Does it matter what you do with your pubes?

Bleached anal areas, completely (or at least mostly) waxed genital regions and surgically enhanced breasts and facial aspects make up the vast majority of female porn stars’ bodies, and male porn stars are pressured to keep up muscular appearances and a hairless, plucked and primped form as well. I can only think of a couple of exceptions. The ‘bear’ stereotype in gay porn, where an all over covering of hair is deemed attractive, or what’s known as ‘hirsute’ porn, usually heterosexual and specialist, where women display hairy vulvas that 70s adult mags would have been proud of.


Sex Toys Reviews Round Up: HedoVibes #48

GET WET with Wet’s HUGE Giveaway! -by Slutty Girl Problems (ends 7/27)
Giveaway: Red, White, And Blue (Two Prize Packs) -by BeckandHerKinks (ends 7/30)
Blog Anniversary Giveaway: 9 Prizes -by Kinky Biker Mom (ends 7/31)
Win a $50 gift card to Good Vibrations when I reach 1000 twitter followers -by Property Of Potter
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Sex 101: The new sex blogger, writer & adult education RSS feed reader app for iOS & Android

There’s a brand new app developed for iPhone users, available from ITunes, called Sex 101. This app, developed by the people at The Sex Trend, utilises RSS feeds and other technology to build a feed containing recent posts and articles from popular sex bloggers and adult educators.Unlike having to put in your choice of RSS feeds into a feedreader such as Feedly, Sex 101 does all the hard work for you if an informative and regularly updated sex ed and sex blogging feed is what you’re after. You can access the most recent work from your favourite sex writers within moments, and best of all, this app is free to put on your iPhone or iPad!


Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Jennifer Kacey

Skye has spent her life being the perfect daughter for her prominent, wealthy parents. She says all the right things, wears all the right clothes…and lies through her teeth about the kind of sex she needs. The bland “gentlemen” she dates don’t know a thing about what gets her going—and when they find out, they run screaming. In her deepest, naughtiest dreams, she finds a man…or two…who knows just how to tie her up and tease her until she’s begging for more. But those guys don’t really exist, do they?