Cara Sutra’s Ice Bucket Challenge

My first response was no. damn. way. I then had a think over it and couldn’t really come up with any reason not to get involved, especially as most of the ABS Holdings team were a good sport and had a bucket of iced water dumped over their head. The funds raised from donations are going to ALS (the US awareness association for Motor Neurone Disease) and Macmillan who help those with cancer. In particular I have a fondness for supporting the Macmillan nurses, some of whom helped not only my grandmother many years ago but also my partner’s father in his last few weeks last year.

So here we go!


Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Katie Laid Bare

The purpose of Katie Laid Bare to give my readers and followers, an insight into my world and the things that are important to me. I intend to be open and frank about the topics I choose to write about. Some of my views may be controversial, some funny, and some, I hope, thought provoking. Ultimately, it’s really just a random collection of musings on the subjects of sex, life, the universe and everything; but mostly sex.


Having a baby ruined my vagina!

Even though I breastfed both my babies, still do my pelvic floor muscles when I remember and have a happy sex life and regular orgasms, my vagina is not the same as it was before I had kids. Just like my tummy isn’t concave and the skin on my belly and thighs isn’t clear and stretch-mark free. It takes some time to come to terms with your new post-baby body, and body acceptance after a baby is a huge issue for some (perhaps most) women. I certainly struggled with it and still do. I wouldn’t go back and decide not to have my kids though, and although that’s easy to say now when I can look at my children and feel love for them, the knowledge that having babies could and probably would change my body didn’t stop me having them.


Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Eliot Waistlin

“Okay, get ready, baby,” he said, and she released him and leaned back. He held his cock, grunted a few times and then started pissing. He pissed for a moment on her face and she gasped, and then he pissed on her tits, spraying her all over. The piss splashed all around her, collecting in puddles in the bottom of the pool. I didn’t want to guess how many beers he’d had, but he didn’t stop pissing for a long time.

Natalia seemed to love it. I didn’t know how much of that was her desire to be a good porn performer, or if she was actually getting some kind of sexual thrill from having a stranger piss all over her, but the look on her face was blissful. When his stream weakened, she got up close, holding her mouth open just below his cock so his final dribbles ran right onto her tongue.


Sex Toys Reviews Round Up: Hedovibes #55

Contests, Competitions and Giveaways
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A Princess Bound & Lustfinger Vibrator -by Karen Blue (ends 8/28)
$10.00 Amazon Gift Card & eCopy of Prymal Lust -by Karen Blue (ends 8/29)
Win a £100 voucher to spend at Adored -by Cara Sutra (ends 8/31)
Giveaway: Good Vibes Easy Glider -by KinkyMom (ends 8/31)


Sex basics: 6 steps to help you prepare for the best sex of your life

Don’t fall prey to a disorganised sex life – make sure you’re organised and always be prepared for sex. It’s easy enough to stock up with batteries, condoms and lube in the bedside drawer, and you need to make sure you recharge those rechargeable vibrators if they’re running low. Have a selection of sex toys by the bed so that you can swap to a more suitable one in the heat of the moment if the mood takes you.

It’s also a great idea to keep a pack of wet wipes, some tissue and even an old towel or two around for spills and sex messes. Hey, we all know they happen – let’s not be shy here.


Win the brand new Stories of O: Orgasmic Erotica e-book (plus: how to get a free erotic paperback)

Warm up with Saskia Walker’s steamy “Communal,” a story about a college girl who seduces other students in shower stalls. Next, a couple discovers a devious use for their spatula while cooking breakfast in Kristina Wright’s “(S)pan(k)cakes.” In A. D. R. Forte’s “Endymion,” two models with statuesque bodies succumb to their mutual lust inside an artist’s studio. A woman uses Kegel exercises to send her lover into sexual nirvana in Donna George Storey’s “The Big O.” In “Not Without Permission” by Sinclair Sexsmith, a dom considers allowing her submissive to orgasm, but not before she’s had some fun with her strap-on first. And finally, in Thomas Roche’s “Butterfly’s Kiss,” an inexperienced dom visits an underground sex club and discovers a new bag of tricks.

kinky biker mom sex blogger spotlight series cara sutra

Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Kinky Biker Mom

Hello, I am Kinky Biker Mom I am a ‘sex blogger’ I write about my own experiences and make up some stories for my erotica but mostly I write about the adventures of biker hubby and I. I am forty something and have been with my partner since I was 14 years old. We have grown together and had many adventures together. I began to do my blog 1 year ago in July and will also celebrate my birthday. My daughter is a sex blogger and she is the one that got me started with my blog and she helps keep me updated and does the maintenance on my blog. Biker hubby and I enjoy riding motor cycles and spending time together, we do enjoy a dom/sub relationship, however we added our own twist to it because we switch roles now-an-then. I am mostly dominate in the relationship but enjoy turning over the reigns to biker hubby so that he can take charge.


Why I really hate the phrase ‘man up’

‘Man up’ assumes that anything relating to femininity is automatically weaker. It is telling someone to become better, become stronger, to become more like a man. It uses masculinity as a measure of strength, not only physically, but in any and every area of life. It assumes that the only way a person will be successful in any particular regard or reach their goals is by adopting stereotypical male attitudes and qualities.

Your Guide to Preparing for A Steamy Session if it’s ‘Been a While’

Ok, so it’s been a while and you’re thinking ‘Oh god, oh god, oh god, where so I start?’ this guide will help you to stop thinking ‘Oh god’ and have you fully prepared to have you screaming ‘Oh god’
Stop, take a breath… it’s all going to be just fine. This is the point where you should be excited! Sex can be a little daunting if it’s been a while, but it’s not hard (well… apart from one thing we hope!) relax and just think about how good you’re going to feel.


The 50 Best Sex & Intimacy Tips from the Durex Embrace Gels Competition Winners

If you keep a close eye on all things Cara Sutra (ooh-er) you’ll know that a stupendously popular Durex UK competition ended on Friday night. The competition to win one of 50 (yes, fifty) free sets of Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels. It was easy to enter and the competition was entitled Fifty Ways to Play, in honour of the new 50 Shades of Grey movie trailer release.

Did you leave your best sex and intimacy tip on the competition? If you didn’t, it’s too late now – but you can take a look at the lucky winners and their entries below.


Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Jillian Boyd (Lady Laid Bare)

Her breasts hung from her chest, full enough to justify that multitude of undergarments. I lay beneath them and pressed my nose up between them, inhaling the close scent of the hidden skin there. She cried out when I licked her nipple, and sobbed when I nipped it with my teeth. By the time I got to her belly, it was twitching and jumping at my every touch. I couldn’t wait any longer. I wrapped one arm around the backs of her thighs and pulled her body down onto my face.

millennia toy box sex blogger spotlight series

Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Millennia Toy Box

If you know and understand your sexuality, you will have a much easier time with partner sex. I also hate how it’s perfectly fine for 13 year old boys to wank into their dad’s playboy (sorry, that was a bit heteronormative) but for a 13 year old girl to touch herself, it’s taboo. I just can’t accept that. If I have kids, and if I have a daughter, I’m going to teach her that there is no shame in masturbation, that it’s beautiful, natural, and feels amazing.

Sun, Sea & Sex: How to Bag a Holiday Hottie & Have The Trip of a Lifetime!

Going on holiday is all about leaving boring everyday life behind, so why not let your holiday escapades reflect that? If you’re meeting someone and having sex with them for the first time, it’s time to shed your inhibitions and do what you have always wanted to do in bed. Whether it is a new position or having sex in public, as long as your partner is into it, then don’t hold back. You won’t be worrying about what pre-conceptions your hook-up may have of you, and as long as you are safe, your fling need not have any lasting consequences. So pack some confidence into that suitcase of yours too, and you’ll have gorgeous guy’s queueing up to get up close and personal with you.


Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Toni Barca & new book, Recall

TAJ Barca was born in Paris and raised by a pirate. A world-traveled artist, writer, seeker, and eternal optimist, she finds truth in the most unlikely places. RECALL is a part of a trilogy, book two of the Anima & Animus series, TABOO, is scheduled for release in 2015. Barca is also a visual artist and has illustrated a pillow book titled The Songs of Solomon: A Pillow Book for Breast Cancer Survivors & Their Lovers, also available on