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Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Katrina England

Leslie and Katelyn had me pinned down and completely imposed upon me the enjoyable task of keeping them sexually satisfied. They were facing each other­­one on top of my face and the other riding me like a cowgirl. Gazing into each others’ eyes, the two were extremely turned on as evidenced by the intensity with which they worked their genitals on my cock and mouth. I was the beneficiary of the closeness and passion they shared for one another.

The Great British Sexpert UK

Introducing Rebecca Dakin, The Great British Sexpert

If your car breaks down, you call a mechanic. If you start getting worrying aches and pains, you call the doctor. It makes sense then, to call a relevant expert when problems arise in our relationships and sex lives. Someone who can give good advice and offer solutions based on experience and/or officially recognised qualifications. You need a sex expert.


A Rose By Any Other Name: Sensual Scents

Sex is an integral part of both sexual attraction and sexual activity. While we are surrounded by a plethora of smells, those aromas particular to sex and our desires for certain people are entirely unique in our noses. Think about perfume and perspiration, cologne and cum. Strike up a conversation in room full of people and you’ll likely be surprised by what people enjoy, handle and dislike the scent of, when it comes to sex.

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A Story of Sex & Spankings: Smut in the City Manchester 2015

It was brilliant to be able to catch up with some blogging and review community friends too, such as Justin from Just Indecerous and Horny Geek Girl.
Anna Sky and friend Lola Sparkles were back, so we all reminisced about our spankingly good night at Sexhibition back in August. I spotted Pinkgilly15 (from the Pleasure Panel) at the book stand and it was lovely to finally meet her – having missed out on meeting up at Sexhibition. Another person I met on Saturday for the first time was Facebook friend & Smut lover Emma Burbidge.

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Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Destiny Moon

I grew up thinking I wanted to be committed to one man and one man only for the rest of my life. I can’t believe how naïve and silly that seems now, but it was sincere at the time. I had this crazy idea that love was pure if it was like that. Now, I see love as pure regardless of how many partners or relationships one has, regardless of the gender of one’s lover(s), regardless of the types of acts one gets up to. I think that’s why I like writing about women who have threesomes or multiple lovers. I don’t think it detracts. It’s actually the opposite. The more we love, the more we’re capable of love.


Giveaway: Win a fun sex toys bundle with Simply Pleasure & Cara Sutra

So, what’s up for grabs in this giveaway?
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Selection of Cara Sutra merch including pen, keyring, badge and sticker

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How To Review A Fetish Club

My most recent outing was the LFW Boat Party, jointly hosted by the Firm and Subversion, which was excellent fun but nearly the basis of a rather different post, as I got confused between which of two piers the boat was departing from, and ended up hurtling along the jetty yelling WAIT FOR ME. Luckily I looked sufficiently kinky for them to decide I was a desirable fellow passenger and managed to make it on board…

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Our Erofame 2015 Adventure

Our trip to Erofame Germany 2015 (the European adult industry trade show) was more fun and eventful than ever before. It was also the first trip out of the country for my partner Darren & I together (aw) so we had double cause for celebration. I’m really pleased Darren (of Sablecraft) was able to come with me on this occasion, not only because I miss him so much when I’m away but also because he’s quite renowned by this stage as being a fantastic IT consultant and web dev for the industry.

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Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Nichelle Gregory

I’m often asked why I write erotic romance. The answer is multi-faceted. First and foremost, I love books! I’ve always been a voracious reader. I enjoy thrillers, horror and sci-fi but romance has always been my favorite genre!
There’s just something special about reading a love story, following the characters and experiencing the heartfelt emotions involved as their relationship unfolds within the pages of a book. As a writer, I enjoy exploring the emotional rollercoaster that is love. Passion is powerful, unpredictable and delicious fun to write!


How to Take a Sexy Selfie for Your Partner – A Model’s Guide

In case of any doubt, please let me say it for the record: models don’t ever look quite like their photos, and for good reason. What works well in the context of a photo just doesn’t work in real life.
If you catch models out with photo-ready make-up, it’s likely they’re on their way home. That shit is caked on and more often than not, looks pretty ridiculous in the cold light of day. When I self-style for photoshoots, I use a camera to help apply my make-up.

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Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Bella LaVey

Bella is a sacred sexuality educator and a lifelong libertine. She is an unabashed sex blogger and is currently working on a memoir about her stint in the sex industry as a stripper and international dominatrix. Her adults-only blog features her sex advice column, Go Ask Sacred Slut. Bella has brought to life many of her alter-egos and enjoys helping others reinvent themselves by embodying colossal archetypes. She is a catalyst and conduit for sexual liberation.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How To Check Your Breasts Properly

For October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to approach Cara with an article about the ways in which we can check our breasts properly and access life-saving treatment if we need it. It takes less than five minutes to examine your breasts, but many of us forget to add this to our monthly routine. For some, it’s a lifesaving skill. For others, it will simply provide reassurance.
Whatever your motives, taking the time to check your breasts could save your life.

yes and cameryn moore roleplay article

Yes, and… ! Making space for improvisation in your sex life

Saying “yes” is the first step. Now, of course you say “no” during sex if your partner pushes a button that you didn’t know you had, or if you’re just not up for it tonight. But assuming that you’ve already discussed your basic likes/dislikes, and hard limits, and parameters of the role play… try saying “yes”. In both sex and improv, you have to have faith that your play partners are not deliberately out to trip you up or squick you out. If you don’t have this trust, then you probably shouldn’t be playing with them. If you do have this trust, then listen to what they’re leading with, and say “yes.”

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Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Lynn Townsend

Lynn Townsend is a geek, a dreamer and an inveterate punster. When not reading, writing, or editing, she can usually be found drinking coffee or killing video game villains. Lynn’s interests include geek comedy music, romance novels, octopuses, and movies with more FX than plot.
She can be found at Paid by the Weird and Facebook.

kilted wookie sex blogger spotlight

Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Kilted Wookie

A friend of mine published her first couple of stories on Literotica and asked me for my opinion. Whilst I enjoyed hers, I noticed that a lot of male amateur erotica writers tended to write stories that were little more than , which holes, which positions, how long, how hard, how many thrusts and how good their orgasm felt. The woman might not have been there, she was simply a device to allow the male character to have sex.  

Ginger segreti

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Ginger Segreti

“I said enough! No amount of your sweet lips will permit you to escape punishment.”
I stopped chagrined and bent myself over, supplicant in front of her. I allowed my body to request tenderness as I succumbed completely to her.
Mistress Charm stood and walked leisurely towards me.
“You think you can captivate me? Beguile your way out of this?”
She laughed—a soft, almost cruel harmony upon her lips.