Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Inquisitive Clam

My fiance and I were in a long distance relationship for two separated years at the beginning of our relationship, and I joined a site called Sex Forums initially looking for ideas to try to make our sex life a little more exciting. My fiance has always been shy when it comes to talking about sex, and we didn’t have much phone sex because getting started was awkward, so I was looking for other things we could try.

I started a blog on Sex Forums and began writing sex toy reviews as a hobby, and while it took several years, that blog turned into a WordPress blog with my own domain. I’m very much a newbie, but I’ve already learned a lot and continue to do plenty of research.

sexy witch

The best Halloween themed sex toys – plus, scary but sexy adult costumes

Think Halloween is just for kids and goths? Think again! Everyone can find something to enjoy at Halloween, and I don’t just mean a bucket of teeth-rotting sweets. Sink your teeth into something juicy and fun after bedtime… a sexy treat for yourself or shared with a lucky partner.

Seeing as you’re here at Cara Sutra it’s safe to assume you have at least a little interest in sex toys. Hopefully, quite a strong and healthy interest. Did you know that there are Halloween sex toys? Ok, I admit it: some of the sex toys you find in the Halloween areas of sex shops have less than tenuous links, but a little imagination goes a long way. It’s all in the name of fun – solo or shared – so overlook the creative licence on some of these so-called spooky sex toys and get in the spirit of things.


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male escorts and why women should give them a go

Male Escorts: Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Give Them A Go

Single men have been hiring escorts for almost as long as anyone can remember, and the companionship that these women can offer has been very popular. What about the ladies looking for a hunk to spend some time with? Well, after years of being woefully under-catered for, ladies now have a huge selection of escorts to choose from! Many agencies now offer male escorts as well as female, and their popularity is slowly rising. Many women are now enjoying the benefits of high-powered careers, but with that can come long hours and a lack of time to socialise and relax. The result? Women are feeling stressed out and lonely. That’s where an escort comes in!


Sex News: New behind the scenes videos for The Boiler Room & La Boudoir Boutique

La Boudoir Boutique have created two revealing videos to give an appealing behind the scenes look at both the boudoir elements of the sex shop and the progress of the new fetish and BDSM area, The Boiler Room which is due to open next month.

Enjoy watching the two videos below, and of course the La Boudoir Boutique team and I would be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments at the end of this post.


Sex Toy Review Round Up: Hedovibes #62

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Cara Sutra: Finalist for Best ‘Voice’ in the Mumpreneur Awards 2014

From thousands of entries and nominations I was chosen to be one of the 10 finalists in the Voice category (I think that’s a stray ‘o’ – and they really mean Vice) which focusses on the work done through blogging. That means that you, my readers, are all a part of why I was chosen as a finalist in this category. THANK YOU so much.

There are a few other categories in the Mumpreneur awards, such as Spark, Wired, Pillar, Boost (sadly not about chocolate), Reach, Champion, Courage, Engage, Unique, Best Product and Future Star.

every woman wants to be an escort or sex worker

How Most Women Possess a Secret Desire to Become an Escort

Popular television shows like Secret Diary of a Call Girl show us just how exciting and glamorous the life of an escort can be. The sexy outfits, the elaborate events, the gifts from clients – it’s a lifestyle that many of us could quickly become accustomed to. High class escorts are not part of a seedy profession, but instead are earning a great amount of money and seeing places that they never would with a 9-5 desk job. That’s where the desire to become an escort kicks in. For most women, it’s just so different to what they do now, so alluring and sensual. For a woman to do such a thing every day to earn money is such a risqué notion, therefore it becomes very very appealing indeed.


Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Horny Geek Girl

I’m a (currently single) geeky girl, living in the North of England, who discovered an interest in sex blogging and erotica. I started reading sex related blogs about two years ago, and discovered good erotica about six months after that. I had read books of erotic stories previously, but they were always something I felt I had to hide and not talk about. Finding all these amazing sex blogs really opened my eyes to the world out there.

breast cancer awareness month

Boob Watch for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Apart from either shoving them in a bra or in a lover’s face, how many times a day do you really pay attention to your boobs? I’m not talking about taking notice of other people’s breasts (hello missus), I mean your own boobs, just to clarify.

We women all know the sheer relief that comes from letting the girls loose at the end of a long day, escaping bra bondage and making a bouncing bid for freedom. What you should also get a sense of relief from is knowing that your breasts are 100% healthy.

What You Need to be Great at Phone Sex

How to Talk the Talk: Got What it Takes to be a Phone Sex Chat Goddess?

Having a hot telephone voice is essential for creating that all important sexual atmosphere. You’re not going to use the same voice for a naughty phone call as you would to ring the bank. Think low, slow and breathy. Enunciating certain words is a great idea, and don’t hold back on some other sound effects too. Moans, gasps and sighs are all very welcome additions to this kind of conversation! There’s no pressure to be really loud, but just let any noises you are naturally making happen. Whoever you are speaking to will certainly know how turned on you are.


Think you’re smoking hot? Quit it already

Despite the health risks, there’s an aspect of smoking that many still find alluring and sexy. There is a ‘smoking Mistress’ fetish for a start, and the presence of cigarettes has an undeniable rebellious appeal and denotes a badass attitude. There are ways to still incorporate the ‘sexy’ aspects of smoking into your sex life or alternative fetish or tease session, without the negative impact on your health. How? Well for a start there are many e-cigarettes now available (know as personal vapourisers or ‘vapes’) and other inhalation machines which don’t present the health risks of traditional smoking habits.


Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Sex and Java is focused on bringing information to the public about our experiences with toys, mostly from a couples perspective, though we just recently added a new female writer who does reviews from an entirely individualized focus. Our first sex toy purchase before the site was of a latex-infused dildo (Ms.A has a serious latex allergy) and some lube that caused skin irritation which caused me to go on a research endeavor to find out why. We found out that there are no regulations for what goes into a sex toy and not many for what goes into lubrication.
We’ve been working hard to find companies that focus on creating safe sex toys and lubrication. It was mostly Ms.A’s idea for the site, after I kept referring her to other review sites for information, she said, “Hey, I want to do that.” and was born. She doesn’t like to write, just share her opinions. I like to write, so it really just happened to work out that way.


Ask Cara: How can I get free sex toys & become a sex toys tester?

Once you have established which people are the leaders in the sex toy reviews and sex toy shopping fields, you may wish to send a couple of polite (not demanding) emails asking for any help and advice that the person or company can spare time for. Example questions you may ask another reviewer are, “Which companies do you recommend approaching for a newbie toy reviewer?” and “What are your top tips for writing great sex toy reviews?”

Questions you may like to approach sex toy companies with, to their customer care email or similar, are “Do you have any community schemes in place for sex toy reviewers?” and “Are there any products you are seeking honest, well written reviews for at the moment?” Avoid begging for free sex toys or making demands for high priced products; this screams ‘greedy’ and ‘newbie’ and may well dissuade the company from working with you right from the start.


Sex Toy Review Round Up: Hedovibes #60

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madeleine shade erotic author spotlight series cara sutra UK

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Madeleine Shade

A stool scraped the bathroom floor and she heard him settle on the milking stool next to the tub, but she refused to open her eyes. Bottles clanked and new scents competed in the steamy air. She gasped when a familiar hand stroked the tender skin of her stomach. Soap slid over her body and she sighed from the pleasure of the contact. He washed her with a soft touch, tenderly soaping every inch of her skin except for the one place where she wanted it most. Her tits throbbed unbearably and she whimpered at the intensity of the feeling.

“Poor dear.” Rumpelstiltskin chuckled. “A little sore today, are we?”

“Please.” She arched towards him, but he pulled away. Her eyes snapped open and she saw herself in the mirror. Milk was streaming out of her nipples, staining the water with their creamy elixir.