TMI Tuesday: Seven Deadly Questions

3. If you were to be remembered for one thing, what would it be?
Well I’d like to be remembered as a lovely person, a wonderful mum and a hard worker, but I’ll probably be remembered as that weirdo sex writer lady who ranted a lot and had a rather nice shoe collection.
4. Tell us something new that you learned in the last month?
That doves are just white pigeons! What a con.
5. What are you pretending not to know? Why?
That I’m not really 24. I feel like I am and that will have to do!

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Sex Toy Review Round Up: HedoVibes #46

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Event Report: Smut by the Sea Scarborough 2014

Soon naked, they sprawled and relaxed on the big bed. She took to unwrapping the rock, when Kate suddenly snatched it from her with a Dominant gleam in her eyes.
“Spread your legs, bitch.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
She held her lips open, just the way she knew Kate liked it.
She’d never been fucked by a cock, but hard rock certainly did the trick that night. Kate said it tasted absolutely delicious, too.

rear view shot of a naked woman

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Tia Zen Sin

Meghan was bending over, grabbing the bottles out of the fridge. I timed it perfectly so that as she straightened up and turned around, I was right there in front of her. “Oh,” she said with surprise, but she didn’t resist when I slowly moved in, put my hands on her hips and kissed her on the lips.
It was a soft kiss, very tentative, gentle. Our eyes closed, and our lips played, kiss, kiss, kiss. I didn’t press. I wanted to. I wanted to smoosh myself against her, press against those big breasts, put my hands on her, run them under her clothes, but I held back. I held back, waiting to see if she was ready. To see if it was what she wanted.

cara sutra fetish friday deep throat fucking

Fetish Friday: Deep Throat Fucking

You are a hole to be fucked. Not your cunt this time, not your arse. Your throat. Dragging as much air into your lungs through your nose as you can, in between having your hair gripped tightly and your head moved back and forth in a motion that clearly states you’re nothing more than a fuck toy to him right now. He’s going to fuck your throat, enjoy your rasping noises of complaint between thrusts and he’s going to cum with his penis tip beyond your tonsils and shoot his hot liquid straight down your throat. There won’t even be the chance to taste a drop on your tongue or in your mouth. It’s way beyond that – your mouth is merely the passageway to the real fuck entrance he’s interested in.

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Competition: Win a free copy of new sex book – The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy by Violet Blue!

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The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy: How to Have Incredible Sex with Role Play, Sex Games, Erotic Massage, BDSM and More
About the Book
If you want to know how to turn that erotic fantasy into a hotter than hot reality, then this is the book for you. Newly re-released from Violet Blue and Cleis Press comes The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy: How to Have Incredible Sex with Role Play, Sex Games, Erotic Massage, BDSM Play and Much, Much More. This book can be read alone or together and gives you insights, inspiration and advice on many of the sexy topics couples become curious about as their sexual adventures become ever more daring:


Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Blissfully Orgasmic

I mean most people have sex toys now, so it’s not really anything to be embarrassed about, but as a sex blogger you all know, we have more than the average amount of sex toys. His face at first started in amusement. Where you know he’s thinking ‘oh look I found a dildo’ he then found another and another. Storage bags filled with glass dildos, at that time I had over 20 glass dildos, and he had to pull each one out of its protective bag, and then the vibrators, the chest with the bondage gear, floggers, whips, and cuffs. I really don’t know if he knew what expression he thought he should be expressing on his face at that point. The poor guy had over 5 chests to go through.

choose this or that tmi tuesday cara sutra

TMI Tuesday: Which one of these would you choose?

Peanut butter or wasabi peas?
Peanut butter. Crunchy. Wasabi peas are ok, but I can’t eat many of them at a time. I like peanut butter on sandwiches, toast, crackers and even on crumpets and scones :)
Group midnight nude swim or ‘mooning‘ strangers?
Group midnight nude swim, otherwise known as skinny dipping! Mostly because the water would cover up my usually private zones. Also if it’s a group I’m intimate with anyway, it won’t matter so much. It’s at midnight as well… so fairly dark.
Yes I’m coming round to this idea; when are we doing it?

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Sex Toy Review Round Up: HedoVibes #45

Share to Win a £50 Shopping Spree at Bondara! -by Cara Sutra (ends 6/30)
Giveaway: BDSM Prize Pack -by BeckAndHerKinks (ends 6/30)
Win a $50 gift card to Good Vibrations when I reach 1000 twitter followers -by Property Of Potter
Win Cara Sutra Bondage Tape when @CaraSutraLtd reaches 250 Twitter follows -by Cara Sutra
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Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Tonya Kinzer

Tonya Kinzer is a self-published erotic romance author whose books are quickly climbing the charts at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you’re looking for a romance with a little more spice than the average hot read, you won’t want to miss taking a look at her work. She writes erotic romance for readers who love to become a silent character within the story. You will be pulled into scenes to partake of activities along the lines of soft bondage and Dom/sub relationships, to feel what her characters feel and taste what they taste: strong sexual desires much like your own. Be prepared to enter a world you’ll not want to leave and can’t wait to get back to. Worlds where new submissives and demanding Doms entice you to read more.

Sinful Sunday: Shadow of Sin Black and white

Sinful Sunday: Shadow of Sin

In the spirit of the June prompt for Sinful Sunday, Black and White, I have included both colour and black and white photography. As I was trying on some new lingerie for a review this week, my man and I were playing. I was teasing with my lace underwear, and I realised the light shining through made some very pretty patterns. I snapped this shot so I could share my saucy, sinful shadow!


The Ruffled Sheets Beginners’ Guide to Male Chastity Play

It’s common for people to try chastity and orgasm denial all in one go. Whilst it may seem very hot to have your first denial period locked in a device, the reality is that you’re probably not ready. Coping with a chastity device is a big change in itself. If you’re already distracted by your desire to orgasm, it won’t make things any easier. Try abstaining for a few days, first. Even if you’ve never abstained before, you should be able to go for a week without any self discipline issues. My first denial period was for two weeks and I was fine. Once you’ve done this and are used to the feelings accompanied with abstinence, you’ll be ready to try an actual device.

lips for kissing

The Blisse Kiss Snog Post: Lip Locked and Loving It

Her lips locked to mine. First, her pursed lips daintily teasing the edges of my furls, pinching gently between lip covered teeth. She wet my soft, creased lips using only the mere tip of her probing tongue, then drew each labia in turn into her mouth, running her tongue over it and sucking on it. Giving each outer lip a passionate blow job.


Sex Survey: British women prefer kinky art & entertainment professionals in bed

A key finding of the survey was that British women rate Arts & Entertainment professionals (jobs such as Actors, Musicians, Artists, Fashion Designers, TV & Radio Presenters and Producers) as the top performers in the sack with 2 in 5 partners giving them the gold star ratings of either ‘excellent’ or ‘the best lover I have ever had.’ Unfortunately, Uniformed workers (Firefighter, Police, Armed Forces) fared less well in the performance stakes with only 24 per cent of women rating them highly and one in eight (13 per cent) saying either they could be better or are poor lovers. Only 17 per cent of partners said they didn’t need any improvement at all.

star wars geek porn

Geek porn and sexy intelligence vs stereotypical brainless bimbos

I wrote a post that I’ve been rolling around my mind for a while now, smutty as it is. This post isn’t an erotic feature though. It discusses geek porn, intelligence in what we find arousing and stimulating and what our changing erotic media means on a psychological level for society and for the genders.
Plus, there’s talk of Marvel superheroes and heroines, My Little Pony cosplay and butt plugs, science fiction masturbation material from the likes of Alien, Avatar, Star trek and Star Wars as well as much more.


Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Asa Winter of Masokitti

If you review sex toys, what are the top three toys you wish you could get your hands on next?
My reviews are in the queue to go live so I’m almost there. My curiosity is pulling me towards Ceramix, specifically No. 2 plug. Are stripes in this year? Gläs is another company I have my eye on and, since I’ve always wanted a juicer, their Candy Land is just right. Lastly, the Icicles No. 8 dildo. I already own the Icicles No. 25 and it is beautiful.


Bloggers: Come meet me at ETO & get a free goody bag!

The first 10 bloggers to come meet me (whether at my stand or at any time during the event) and give me their blogging/sex toy reviewing business card, will get a free goody bag that I’ve put together myself. The goody bags are a mix of information, general adult industry merchandise, sexy freebies and other gifts and goodies I’ve put together. You’ll effectively be raiding my sexy drawers and getting some gorgeous freebies in the process. I’ll be chucking more things into each as the show draws closer. Coming to ETO and hoping to get some freebies and samples? Here’s an easy way to guarantee it.