women recipients and gatekeepers of sex

Women are not merely the recipients and gatekeepers of sex

Mostly, sex gets defined as something that men do to women rather than something women and men enjoy together. A lot of sex-related advice to women still seems to have a starting point of sexual pleasure being something women ration out to men: we bargain with it, treat it as a kind of currency. It might not always be so crude as ‘wait till you’ve got his ring on your finger before you let him finger your ring’ nowadays, but so-called ‘sexperts’ are still raking it in by advising women to withhold sex, no matter how horny they are, as a way of manipulating men into giving them something (other than multiple orgasms) that they actually want.

a taste for three book rebecca black

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Rebecca Black

She swallowed. Hard. “Us? What do you mean?”
“The three of us. There’s more going on between us than just work.” His words held a note of conviction.
Oh God! He said three. He definitely said three. They couldn’t possibly know that she wanted both of them, could they? How the hell had she given that away? She thought she’d been so professional with them.


Fetish Friday: On TPE and useful slaves

In my life now being useful is the main thing I want from a slave. Earning my own income, having my own romantic long term relationship and juggling business and a family doesn’t leave a lot of time for tending to the fantasies and sex needs of men connecting with me hoping for the D/s ‘shiny porn’ equivalent of a toss-off or quickie. I’m not ‘in it’ for any payment-per-hour, it’s not a job for me, I don’t meet slaves for shiny-clad corporal punishment sessions on the basis that you have an hour spare this Thursday afternoon and have ‘always wanted some hot bitch to spit on my face babes init’. To be blunt, I don’t care what your fantasy is when I’m connecting with you as a Mistress or Domme; I care about what you can do for me and how you can improve my life and mood.


The best sex toys to use for amazing lesbian sex

If you think that all sex begins and ends with penis-in-vagina, you are wrong on so many levels. And I’m talking about everyone there, but for the purposes of this article: especially women who love women, whether bisexual or lesbian. There are plenty of creative ways to tantalise and stimulate without resorting to the heteronormative, phallo-centric ideals society often loves to *ahem* thrust upon us.

prostate play male g spot hella rude guest blog post

How Do I Give My Boyfriend / Husband / Man a Prostate Massage?

Let’s talk about the pleasurable walnut, the male G-spot – the prostate. Until recent years, prostate play was considered to be a purely homosexual or fetishistic act – a bit of bum fun came with a plethora of connotations that have been falling away as discussing sexuality becomes more en vogue. These days more men are encroaching on the forbidden pleasure zone and with valid reason; it’s a pretty good pathway to a superhuman orgasm.

cara sutra doxy skittle vibrator

Will the new Doxy Skittle vibrator be right up your alley?

If you mingle in sex toy circles (would they be called cock rings?) then you should, by now, have heard of the new sex toy about to be released by Doxy Massager: Doxy Skittle.
The original Doxy Wand vibrator is one of my top two favourite vibrators and the most powerful vibrator I have ever used or owned.


Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Jenna Byrnes

“More,” he gasped.
“Such a slut.” Task buried his face between the ass cheeks and tongued the opening. “There’s the nasty ass I love. Damn, I could eat you all night long.” He shoved his tongue in as deep as it would go, growling the whole time.
Sky groaned at his teasing. He’d already been filled and was desperate to get that way again. “Fuck me,” he muttered through gritted teeth.


Your guide to the best bondage sex toys & fetish gear

When you begin shopping for bondage sex toys, the sheer amount of fetish accessories and variety of kinky restraints can be overwhelming and a little intimidating. You may not know where to begin, and might not even know what some of these strange but fascinating objects are used for. In this guide I am going to help remove the shroud of mystery from these curious items and help you welcome an exciting new dimension to your sex life.

phone sex dirty talk and sexy roleplay

Struggle to talk dirty? Start asking questions

When they find out I’m a phone sex operator, a lot of people tell me they struggle with dirty talk: “I never know what to say.” Here’s the thing: dirty conversations are a lot like regular conversations, in that if you don’t know what to say, ask a question. You can get lots of useful information about your partner and what they want, if you ask questions in the right way.

cara sutra goes uber kinky - CS-28

Cara Sutra Penetrates Uber Kinky HQ (& Starts A Dildo War)

Time for a bit of bondage – as you do in the office on Friday afternoons (don’t you? Just me then) – and resident photographer Loryn was roped in as our *ahem* willing and enthusiastic volunteer. Mistress Victoria and I really enjoyed tying him up in a Shibari rope harness while plenty of photographs were taken. Taking advantage of his predicament I brandished and wielded the whip yet again. I’m going to get a reputation at this rate.

LMSomerton press

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: LM Somerton

Alex pulled the waistband of Conor’s shorts down enough to allow the swollen head of his rigid cock to poke free, then pinned it in place with the stretchy fabric. He rubbed the exposed tip with a finger, gathering a few drops of moisture, chuckling in delight as Conor squirmed and wriggled beneath him. He applied his wet fingertip to one of Conor’s hard nipples and leant forward to run his tongue firmly around the other. He sat back and blew a steady stream of cool air across the damp flesh and Conor moaned, his breath coming in short pants.