Competition: Win your very own Doxy Massager!

If you don’t have a Doxy Massager, you are missing out. Love powerful vibrators? This one has it all, and then some. You can read my Doxy Massager review here, and the ever wonderful Girl on the Net recently enthused about this almost magical vibrator on her blog. For power queens, it’s rapidly becoming the most lusted after vibrator in the UK. That lust is spreading across the globe with interest not only from our European friends but also sexy-fun fans in the States.

sex blogger spotlight series

Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

I didn’t set out to be the every woman’s example of embracing and feeling empowered my sexuality and sensuality, but it just happened. I just want every woman to know that it’s more than okay to accept, explore and embrace their sexuality and sensuality. I think women and the world as a whole would be happier and enjoy better relationships with their partners. I can say that I’ve never felt happier and more centered in my life since preaching what I practice.

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Wicked Wednesday: Coming Together

…if he ties me up, spanks me and uses ‘dirty talk’ before fucking me. Telling me what he’s going to do to his filthy little girl, that I’m all just for Daddy and that there’s nothing I can do to stop him, he’s going to fuck me anyway, nothing I can do about it. No choice. Tied up and no way out, no escape. Just a little fucktoy, a ragdoll for him to use and abuse at will.

That sort of thing.

Professional Copywriting for the Adult Industry - Cara Sutra

Professional Copywriting for the Adult Industry – Part 1

Companies need copywriters. They are important not only to help turn their site visitors into customers, but also to help their website rank higher on the web. Effective copy on a website, known as ‘optimised copy’, will not only persuade the natural visitors the website gets to make a purchase, but it will also efficiently tell Google and the other search engines information about that page to help it rank higher for relevant searches by people on the internet.

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Freedoms Shop – Because safe sex leaves you free to enjoy the moment

What stops people from ensuring that their sex is safe, every time? There are a number of issues that stop a person from choosing to wise up and get safe in their sexual activities. Even though the best proven way to avoid the risk of becoming infected with an STD is by using a barrier method of protection (condoms for penetrative sex and dental dams for oral sex) many people still risk it by going in without.

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Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Jolynn Raymond

That followed by his nasty words, teasing fingers, and the plug in her ass made her crazed. She writhed on the bed as much as her bindings would allow, tossing her head, causing the blindfold to slip from her eyes, whimpering, then crying out in agony and ecstasy, fighting the need to cum. It was a losing battle but still she fought, she had to: cumming wasn’t allowed. To make matters worse, Nicholas kept up a stream of dirty talk as he paddled her backside, right cheek, left cheek, down to the tops of her thighs, then right in the middle of her ass again, the nasty naughties he hissed priming her cunt like a pump.

safewords fear and safety in BDSM kink and fetish

Fetish Friday: Talking BDSM – are safewords really necessary?

Safewords are the final say when it comes to consent. They are the often unspoken reminder than what happens, happens due to both parties consenting. When a safeword is available for use, but not spoken, there is a clear, ringing silence which allows everyone involved to continue without danger of harming someone, mentally, physically, emotionally. Everyone involved consents.

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Sex News: New Voluptasse merchandise; sex shop mugs for sale

Merchandise from sex shops is so en vogue in 2014. It seems that no matter who you are, staff, sex blogger, sex toy reviewer or customer, everyone is lusting after a branded key fob, jacket, hoody, mug, lighter, pen, pencil, bookmark or whatever.
I received a lovely surprise in the post today, courtesy of Voluptasse; a branded hoody and mug! Thank you so much to Mel – I am wearing the hoody as I write this and I will enjoy a sexy cup of coffee in the mug very shortly.


Sex News: Durex launch ‘Turn Off to Turn On’ campaign for Earth Hour

For a whole hour, Durex are asking you to do something quite dramatic: turn off all your electronics. The hour in question is from 8.30pm on 29 March 2014.
It’s an hour for the Earth. Of interest to all humankind. You know what else is of interest? Sex. Passion. Intimacy. Closeness. Turn off the laptop, put the phone down, turn the telly off and rediscover your partner.

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Thinking of writing a sex toy review? 10 things to remember

Always disclose that you received the product free of charge from the company in exchange for a fair, honest and unbiased review. Make sure that your thoughts and feelings are expressed in terms of your own opinion and based on your own experience. For instance instead of stating that product x is ‘unsuitable for all women as it’s entirely rubbish’, you may instead choose to write that product x ‘didn’t work for me and I can think of many ways in which it could be improved to suit me personally’.


Planning a dirty weekend? Don’t forget these 10 items

The traditional ‘dirty weekend’ is still one of the most popular ways for couples to bring a little of the excitement back into their relationship and sex lives. You might have been mulling the idea over in your mind for quite a while, a fantasy which is yet to make it into reality. Or, you might be quite the dirty weekend veteran, eagerly anticipating your next chance for an illicit hotel room liaison with your lover.