night owl on the prowl

A Sexy Night Owl on the Prowl

Maria smiled. Anal sex was something that she loved and she told the client that her back door was all his. She slipped out of her dress, exposing her high, firm breasts. As she bent to take off her shoes, her gorgeous, round ass was in full view of the eager man. She parted her cheeks with her hands to show him her puckered hole, and traced the rim with a red lacquered fingernail. Her sexy date moaned in anticipation.

Maria grasped the man’s hand and led him to the bed. As he laid back the sexy, Latin girl removed his pants, freeing his hard, straining cock. She ran her pointed tongue up the firm shaft of his cock, and lapped at the pre-cum oozing from the tip.

raven mcallan

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Raven McAllan

“Oh how pretty.” It was Jeff, her Sir. “Three obedient little subbies under the tree. Shall we let them open a present each?”

“Why not?” That was David, Jess’ Master. “I wonder if they can guess what they each get?”

“Well, let’s see.” Aidan, Ailsa’s Dom spoke. “Five spanks if they get it wrong?”

Kath wriggled, conscious if anyone looked at her closely her pussy and legs would be coated in her juices.

“And play with it if they get it right.” Jeff said.

“What do you say, pets?” That was Aidan again.

“Please, Sir.” Three voices agreed as the girls spoke at the same time.

why porn isn't just for lads - guest feature cara sutra

Female Friendly: Why Porn Isn’t Just for the Lads!

As most of us know, female desires are often a lot less straightforward than those of males. Men rely on visual cues to become aroused, so porn without a plot doesn’t really pose a problem. Hey, if they get down to it, who cares how long they’ve known each other or if he ever did fix the washing machine! On the other hand, we girls can be a little more selective. Any old porn won’t do, so we’re often left frustrated when we watch it with a partner. He’s into it, you’re not. Sound familiar? Well, here are some sites that cater to female tastes…

woman wet patch diving underwater article

Why I won’t be sleeping in the wet patch

I know what I want to happen after sex. I want to lay together, body to hot sweaty body, post-sex heat our only blanket, clinging together in glorious love – well, mainly stuck together with the velcro of rapidly drying bodily fluids. I want it to be just like ‘in the movies’ (films, for us Brits). To immediately drift into the deep peaceful sleep of the newly-shagged, in candlelight (without any thought of the fire hazard) and wake up in the morning still clinging together. As if we were Jack and Rose. Only Jack didn’t have to die and Rose let him climb on the damn door. My makeup would be absolute perfection through the night, until the sun’s rays gently woke us from nauseatingly romantic slumber. My pillowslip would most definitely not look like a clown’s washcloth. Nor would my face.

periodic table of kink

The Periodic Table of Kink – A List of Kinks & Fetishes by Popularity & Perversity

Now you can see all kinks and fetishes in BDSM by popularity (taken from Google search results) at a glance, as well as a few of the more vanilla activities such as strip tease, tantric sex and masturbation.

It’s great to see more unusual activities featured on a table like this. Instead of merely bondage and spanking there are kinks such as ‘Sploshing’, ‘Cake Farts’, ‘Anal Gaping’, ‘Felching’ and the good ‘ole ‘Rusty Trombone’.


Sex Toy Review Round Up: Hedovibes #66

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C.J. Asher Pic

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: C J Asher

It doesn’t take long, however, for Kate to learn the shocking truth about Gretchen’s business: that her lingerie shop is merely a front for the area’s most elite escort service; one that caters to the extravagant erotic fantasies of its wealthy and powerful clients. Introduced to a world of wild sexual desires beyond anything she had ever imagined, Kate quickly becomes torn between the allure of the money she so desperately needs and the risks associated with Gretchen’s affairs.

Only making things more complicated are her attraction to Dylan Cole, the handsome young Silhouettes patron who has recently caught her eye, and her friendship with Vixen, the brash, wild dancer who quickly becomes both mentor and thorn in Kate’s side. When an unexpected tragedy pushes Kate even deeper into Gretchen’s world, she must quickly decide whether to walk away from her new life or to embrace it.


Lose the ‘sexpert’ label and get real

What makes someone a ‘sexpert’? Nothing, really. I could just as confidently announce that I am, in fact, Santa. There are no qualifications that lead to someone being titled an official ‘sexpert’ (notice how it’s usually in quotes, denoting something unofficial or for merely for creative merit). Official sexuality, psychology or relationship qualifications usually lead to a doctorate – and those who achieve these worked-for-in-earnest, admirable qualifications rarely if ever identify with the carelessly bandied around ‘sexpert’ label.

Why is this careless term so common? Much of its popularity comes from the usual marketing bullshit of making words look or sound pretty on the page, whether that’s in a print bio or pock marked through an internet article. I even see some who base much of their website optimisation around the ‘sexpert’ term, helping it retain its popularity as a keyword in the sex industry. The creation must have fallen together in some marketing gurus office one day. Hey guys! I’ve just realised the last two letters of ‘sex’ are the first two letters of ‘expert’. Oh, sweet! Now we can cut ‘n shut a brand new word which will be as trendy as a decaf mocha frap to go.

ilb logo new

Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Innocent Loverboy

Examples include: only wanting to have sex with someone I’m in a relationship with; only ever having watched softcore porn; thinking BD/SM was never done; having to be in love to have sex; many others – all of which have changed since I started blogging (ahem). However, other things I was into, which I never heard anyone else mentioning, included caring about contraception, sex education, feelings and emotions; concentration on the female orgasm; questions, answers, and talking; the spiritual side; the humorous side; the realisation that everyone is different; many more others – all of which, I think, still persist as very important!


Because sex toys aren’t required in order to have a fantastic sex life

Sure, sex toys are fun and you can find many shapes, sizes, materials and vibration power strengths to suit your anatomy and personal desires. Although I have reviewed thousands of sex toys here at Cara Sutra, I don’t want anyone to think that you can’t enjoy a great sex life without sex toys. That’s why I want to make this point clear.

You can have a fantastic sex life even if you don’t have any sex toys at all.

That’s it. No sales patter, no links.

property of potter hedovibes 65 header photo

Sex Toy Review Round Up: Hedovibes #65

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Ashe Barker erotic author spotlight series at Cara Sutra

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Ashe Barker

“What is it that you think your tits are too small for? This?”

He reaches for me, cupping my right breast in his warm hand. He kneads the soft mound, caressing my not exactly ample curves. It feels good even so, and my impulse is to lean in and arch my back, offering my breast to him.

“This one seems to fit my hand perfectly. Let’s try something else.” Still stroking my right breast he takes my left nipple between the fingers of his other hand, tracing the outline slowly.

I gasp at the feather light, almost ticklish, sensation. He responds by firming his grip, squeezing the sensitive tip, pulling on it just a little. I hiss as the pain starts to bite, and he releases me.

“Your breasts are pretty, curvy, exceptionally sensitive. In fact, Miss Jones, I think we may need to come back to these when your spanking is out of the way, just to demonstrate to you how absolutely perfect your breasts are—or your tits, if you prefer. Now, over the bench again please.”


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NaNoWriMo – Everything you need to know about the November Novel Writing Challenge

“Everyone has a book inside them,” the late Christopher Hitchens famously declared. Will your book remain hidden, or are you ready to share it with the world?

NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. It takes place every November and it’s your chance to let your writing light shine. With a set time to write your book, you’ll be more likely to knuckle down and get those words out of the deepest, darkest recesses of your mind and on to the page.

Your goal is the admittedly ambitious task of writing a 50,000 word novel (well, a rough draft of one) by 11:59 PM, November 30th. Breaking the mountain down into manageable daily amounts will ensure that you smash this novel writing goal.

stones of post storm sea - halloween erotica

Guest Halloween Erotica: His Parting Gift, by Melissa MacFarlane

Greedily, I grabbed his throbbing, powerful cock. Desperate for him to give me a sweet release but he shook his head and whispered gently ‘I watched you wait for me every night.’ Another kiss, travelling down towards my navel ‘I watched you cry, I watched your desperation and I witnessed your hope.’ I gasped as his lips passed my naval and travelled further towards my cunt ‘Now, let’s make the most of our short time together’. He plunged his eager tongue directly only my soaking wet pussy and began to tease my clitoris with achingly slow laps of his tongue, causing me to scream out in hot desperate moans.