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Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Cava Supernova

In 2010, I found out my husband had been cruising for men on Gaydar and having sex with them in our bed. It was the final nail in the coffin – our marriage was blighted by his alcohol problems and his vile temper. The whole thing destroyed me, and the pain was mind numbing. I didn’t even cry for two years.
Just before Valentine’s Day this year, ‘something’ compelled me to write it down and I put it on my blog CavaSupernova. I’d started the blog to prove to myself I could still have a good time after nearly two decades of misery with my ex. I surprised myself that I’d written about something that had caused such intense pain.


Sexy book news! New release, Her Secret Past by Victoria Blisse & win a free signed copy

Yes, you could win a free author signed copy of Her Secret Past by Victoria Blisse! I have the copy right here, ready to post. All you have to do is complete as many entry areas on the widget as you like, and then wait for the random winner to be revealed after the competition closes.
This sexy book giveaway is easy to enter and open worldwide. You don’t even have to pay postage if you win, that’s all included in the prize. I’ll also throw in a couple of mystery sexy goodies!

The competition will end 18 July at 8pm UK time.


ETO Show 2014 Part Four: Monday with a Friday Flavour, Day Two

Oh, did I feel smug on Monday morning. No, not the award – which I was still in shock about – but the lack of hangover! With a smiley face and a clear head I reflected on this day a year before, when I had been so ill from the afterparty that I hadn’t been able to get up from bed until checkout time. In fact if I’d had my way I wouldn’t have left the bed for about 4 days, that’s how ruined I was. I’d sworn not to do that again, and despite worrying that a hangover was somehow inevitable with the ETO Show Awards, I’d avoided the usual after party punishment.


ETO Show 2014 Part Three: Awards Night – Everyone’s a Winner

The ETO Awards are always a spectacle to attend and behold, and the ETO Awards 2014 dinner, presentation and dancing was no different. In fact, it was even bigger, crazier, happier and hotter than last year. You can read the full list of winners on the ETO Magazine website here.
No matter whether you’re nominated for a coveted ETO award or simply attending and soaking up the much needed annual celebration of our wonderful industry, everyone agrees that it’s an exciting and fun night. I’d headed back from day one of the show at 4pm, earlier than the closing time, to get ready and try to relax a little before the night got into full swing. I took my time getting ready, soaking up every moment of this special night away from the desk and anticipating so much fun and excitement.


ETO Show 2014 Part Two: Sunday, Day One, the show begins

I woke surprisingly early on Sunday morning, the first day of the ETO Show 2014. The doors didn’t open to the public until 10.30am, but Julian was going to be at the stand at 8am in order to make sure everything was perfect. I arrived about 8.45am, leaving my partner Sable in bed and minnie getting ready. Walking around the corner from the hotel to the NEC expo hall I mentally prepared for the day ahead. I felt excited but not nervous – this was the ETO Show after all and it feels like family being with all the familiar faces and great contacts in the industry that I talk to regularly.


ETO Show 2014 Part One: The journey, the stand set up, and the night before

It’s my second day back in the office after the amazing 10th anniversary year of the ETO Show, the UK’s biggest and best adult industry expo run in association with the widely read industry publication ETO Magazine. My head is still spinning from the entire weekend and my legs are sore from walking around and having to be vertical for so long instead of merely transporting me between desk, coffee station, and bed. Writing up this post event report is almost too mammoth a task to imagine. The ETO Show 2014 encompasses so much news that I have actually split the report into four parts to make it a little easier to digest.

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Sex Toy Review Round Up: HedoVibes #47

Competitions and Giveaways
Tantus Ripple + Sliquid Sassy Lube -by Viva La Sexy (ends 6/30)
One Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway! -by Property Of Potter (ends 6/30)
Belated One Year Blogiversary Giveaway -by dizzygirl (ends 6/30)
Share to Win a £50 Shopping Spree at Bondara! -by Cara Sutra (ends 6/30)
Giveaway: BDSM Prize Pack -by BeckAndHerKinks (ends 6/30)
Blogiversary Giveaway -by Ali’s Addiction (ends 6/30)


Become an erotic photographer from the comfort of your own home (yes, we’re talking sexy selfies)

The more relaxed you are the better the final photos will be. Have a think about what would relax you before you start to set the scene. Maybe a long bath with bubbles and candles or a couple of glasses of wine? Everyone is going to be different and if you have enlisted the help of a partner to take the photos for you, it may be that you may find that a little sexy fun before (during and after) the photoshoot helps to relax you both, just don’t get so carried away that you mess up your hair and make up and forget that you’re even supposed to be taking photos.

If you are planning on posting the photos online anywhere you need to consider your personal safety. Do you want to include your face so that you can be recognized? You may think that the chances of friends and family stumbling over your closely guarded secret of a sex blog are unlikely but let me tell you it can happen!

Sabrina York featured post erotic author spotlight series cara sutra

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Sabrina York

When Emily Donahue sets eyes on Ash Bristol, she is convinced he’s the one she’d been waiting for, her Prince Charming. But wealthy playboy Ash Bristol’ has been burned. He’s sworn off relationships, vowing to have nothing more than a series of steamy one night stands. So when he meets Emily, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, he resolves to seduce her, possess her…and walk away.
The passion that ignites between them has him questioning his decision. He begins to suspect he just tossed away the best thing that’s ever happened to him…and vows to win her back.

stocking tops for fetish friday

Fetish Friday: Why lace stocking tops are so damn hot

When it comes to stocking tops, they’re the defining difference between the admittedly unsexy practicality of tights and the perceived uber-sexiness of stockings. The fact that the sheer material is quite obviously only a sheath for the silken skin underneath, barely coating that perfect pin. Each pin separately, not as a pair. This leads us to realise, consciously and subconsciously that as separate pins they can be parted, for other things. Sexy things. Hooking a leg around a man’s waist, while he’s still fully dressed in a suit. That flash in their eyes when they feel up your leg, under your clothes and suddenly hit the first of the night’s little erotic victories: their fingertips on the lace edging which forms the final fence between clothing and bare naked skin. Having those stockinged legs pulled apart when you’re flat on your back, skirt or dress hitched up to your middle and a lover (man or woman) licking the bare flesh at the apex of your thighs.

head swirl sex blogger spotlight series

Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Head Swirl

This is me. Executive level professional with kids and teenagers at home. Figuring out how to juggle my career, my kids, my household, my marriage and explore things about myself that remain uncharted territory. Crazy things happen to and around me and when it’s boring, then it’s time to spice things up a bit. Breath-taking, mind-blowing sex is part of my spice of life. And my sexy, sultry husband has ensured that no experience goes by the wayside until his girl has had a chance to dabble in it all! Dabble in it, I will… as I shuttle the munchkins to football practice, handle forecasting budgets and improving revenue, and devising my next sexual escapade that evening. All with a killer attitude. Bring it on baby. Make my Head Swirl!


ETO Show Special: Win a Fantasy by Cara Sutra Bondage Kit Bumper Prize Hamper!

Make it a winning weekend all round with a visit to the ETO Show – drop by The Cara Sutra Collection at Stand E4 to enter this amazing prize raffle.
It’s easy to enter the draw, just complete a slip at our stand and the winner will be drawn at the end of the show.

Don’t forget that if you’re a sex blogger or sex toy reviewer, you could walk off with a free packed to bursting goody bag too! Limited quantity, first come first served. Goody bag upon presentation of your business card.
La Boudoir Boutique are also running a competition online to win a Fantasy by Cara Sutra Bondage Kit, and you can find my other competitions right here including a £50 sex toys spend voucher and erotic books giveaways.


Wicked Wednesday: YKINMK but My Kink is Not Your Kink either

How do I know? Because I’ve tried it. I’ve tried to give away my Domination as a free for all – to see it as a fun activity. To welcome all, with the open arms of the naive n00b and simply try to enjoy dominating those around who state that they’re submissive or want to be trained. What did I get? Hurt. Hurt, used, lied to, ditched and almost broken as a Mistress and as a Domme. Not quite, but nearly. I have been used as a service Top without my consent many times.

Now, if I feel like someone comes to me and requests Domination, that they need a downpayment of some kind. If that downpayment is simply getting me to start their training with a great big grin on my face, then that will do for me. Not a, ‘oh for fuck’s sake not another demanding little shit’. Not a, ‘oh why yes of course I’ll meet you and see to all your fantasies and then even fuck you because I’m just an unpaid sex worker’.


The UK’s Top 10 Best and Most Influential Sex Bloggers 2014

The term ‘most influential’ sex blogger is an interesting one. Influential to whom? What are we influencing through our sex blogging? Sex toys reviews certainly influence both the market for sex toy manufacture as well as readers purchase decisions. I like to think that the traditional sex blogger adds their voice to a choir which denotes an evolution of sexuality through the years, towards a more sex positive and sexuality accepting time. As more people choose to share the details of their sex life, sexual preferences and orientations and opinions about sexuality with the internet, hopefully this strong group voice becomes the ‘norm’ for society. We share our own experiences and opinions in a positive light. Sex is enjoyable, which is why we’re blogging about it. Sure, it’s not all hearts and roses, nor for many is it a 24/7 orgy. Real life happens, and that’s fine too. It’s realistic, identifiable for readers. Sometimes we’re too busy or tired or stressed for sex. But then sex happens, in whatever form that takes for you, and it’s guilt free, romantic, kinky, casual, messy – whatever your sex is for you.


Alternative review of the Fantasy by Cara Sutra Beginner’s Bondage Kit, by Girl on the Net

We all know about ropes and floggers and cuffs – they feature not just in porn but in most erotica, in sex tips and magazines and That Book. But while it might be easy to ask your partner if you can handcuff them because you’ve seen this one tip in Cosmo, it could be a hell of a lot harder to explain the thrill of an actual power exchange. Of you giving yourself over to them, or them to you, to be led and moulded and treated and punished and all the things I personally love about being at the collar end of that strip of leather.

You might not like that kind of thing, of course. But judging by how even a couple of my vanilla friends were keen to put it on, and be playfully led from sofa to garden, back to the sofa and straight onto my lap, it’s certainly intriguing to many. And not just in a giggly ‘oh we’ve had too much wine and sex toys are funny’ way, in an ‘ooh, I think I could get to like this but I’m not sure I’d admit it when sober’ way.

how to clean your sex toys

Stampy Pants Rants: Why the fuck aren’t all vibrators waterproof?

You wouldn’t put up with non-waterproof underwear would you? That’s not even going inside your body (well ok, not unless you’re getting kinky here -ahem-) and you still want to change your undies daily and WASH THEM in the washing machine. I don’t imagine you ‘lightly spritz’ the gusset and leave it to dry, nor do you give the gusset a light clean with a wet wipe before tucking it back in the drawer. Or at least, I hope you don’t. Stay away from me.

Official Stampy Pants RantSo why the fuck do we put up with non-waterproof internal vibrators?


TMI Tuesday: Seven Deadly Questions

3. If you were to be remembered for one thing, what would it be?
Well I’d like to be remembered as a lovely person, a wonderful mum and a hard worker, but I’ll probably be remembered as that weirdo sex writer lady who ranted a lot and had a rather nice shoe collection.
4. Tell us something new that you learned in the last month?
That doves are just white pigeons! What a con.
5. What are you pretending not to know? Why?
That I’m not really 24. I feel like I am and that will have to do!

rose-and-glass (8)

Sex Toy Review Round Up: HedoVibes #46

Share to Win a £50 Shopping Spree at Bondara! -by Cara Sutra (ends 6/30)
Giveaway: BDSM Prize Pack -by BeckAndHerKinks (ends 6/30)
Lilly’s “6 Dangerous Years” Giveaway -by Dangerous Lilly (ends 7/1)
Win a $50 gift card to Good Vibrations when I reach 1000 twitter followers -by Property Of Potter
Win Cara Sutra Bondage Tape when @CaraSutraLtd reaches 250 Twitter follows -by Cara Sutra


Event Report: Smut by the Sea Scarborough 2014

Soon naked, they sprawled and relaxed on the big bed. She took to unwrapping the rock, when Kate suddenly snatched it from her with a Dominant gleam in her eyes.
“Spread your legs, bitch.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
She held her lips open, just the way she knew Kate liked it.
She’d never been fucked by a cock, but hard rock certainly did the trick that night. Kate said it tasted absolutely delicious, too.