hearing loss deafness and disability and sex

Deafness, disability and dodgy DVDs

For someone with high frequency hearing loss like myself, subtitles are not just an option when watching any kind of televisual media, they’re a necessity. I don’t flip them on in case the kids start playing up and I miss a couple of words. I don’t have them set to ‘on’ for a deaf relative then forget to turn them off. They’re so necessary for me that I simply can’t watch anything that doesn’t have subtitles.

Woman with her hand in her pink and black polka dot lace panties

Show and Tell: When Women Compare Vaginas

Sneaky side-eye over the urinals. Super small condoms as a hilarious Secret Santa. Banter over a mate’s ‘missus’ being unhappy with what’s on offer. Men have been comparing cock size for years. Perhaps even the Stone Age man got a bit intimidated over cave paintings and phallic statues at times.


Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Dorothy Freed

Something about the woman in the blue merry widow and matching slave collar caught my attention. I liked the way her panties fit over her pubic mound, and the sleek look of her long dancer’s legs, in black thigh-high stockings and four inch heels. She looked to be in her late twenties, several years younger than I, with huge blue eyes and a head of wiry brown curls fanning out to her shoulders. Her small, perky breasts rode high on her chest; her asscheeks were firm and round. She was very pretty—in a strictly female kind of way. I saw her arrive with a couple, but watched her constantly as she moved gracefully around the room without them, and had the sense she was alone.


House Guests

There was no time to muse over the fast fuck though. Yanking my shorts and underwear back up, with little regard for his hot spunk which was beginning to seep out of my cunt, he grabbed my wrist and led me into one of the rooms.

Vote in the ETO Awards 2014

Pre-event: ETO Show & Awards 2015

The past year has disappeared in a haze of sex & sex toys, and it’s almost time for one of the biggest events of the adult industry year – the ETO Show & Awards.

This year is the 11th year of the ETO Show, which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham UK. You can find the exact location on the Google map at the end of this post. The ETO Show is happening on the 28th and 29th June. The doors open at 10.30am each day and close 5pm Sunday, 4.30pm Monday. if you’d like to attend, you’ll need to be a part of the adult industry in some way and you can register for an entry pass here. Even with an entry badge you will need to bring proof of trade status with you, such as your business card.

Follow ETO Magazine & ETO Show on Twitter, and like Erotic Trade Only on Facebook to stay up to date with all the news.


Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Helena Maeve

She never thought she could come from someone playing with her nipples before—the very idea seemed like Cosmo levels of pseudo-science—but with Dylan rolling his tongue against her flesh, she began to revise that firm denial. Every swipe of his teeth, every wet, mind-blowing suck had her inner muscles clenching around thin air, cunt begging to be filled. Her clit throbbed in time with the pendulum flick of Dylan’s tongue. And just as her pleas rose to a crescendo, he pulled away.
Hazel groaned, breaths knifing in and out of her chest. “Bastard.”

adult sex ed month 2015 square banner logo

Coming Soon: Adult Sex Ed Month 2015

Adult Sex Ed Month is the incredibly popular collaborative effort organised by leading sex blogger and educator Bobbie Morgan, of A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind.

Adult Sex Ed Month 2014 was a far reaching affair, with tweets incorporating the official hashtag #AdultSexEdMonth sharing vital sexual education and reshared by the official Adult Sex Ed Month twitter account.

Adult Sex Ed Month 2015 promises similar far reaching educational efforts. Several sponsors are already ‘on board’ at the official website and tweets are beginning to appear drawing interest to Adult Sex Ed Month, the website and the whole topic of adult sexual education

girl fuck 1

Girl date: The first fuck is the sweetest

I spread her puffy labia with my fingers, noting the wetness of her arousal leaking out on to my fingertips. I’d waited for so long and I was finally able to taste her. Lowering my head I silently offered a quick prayer to nobody in particular that I’d be good enough, then my tongue tip flashed over her clitoris while my lips sealed a circular kiss around the edges. Not content with giving just clitoral stimulation, worried it wouldn’t be enough, I slipped first the tip of my index finger inside her cunt, then my middle finger alongside it. Slowly and gently at first, I finger fucked her while my tongue danced over and around her clit.

reclaiming territory erotic 1

Reclaiming his territory

He moved on his side to face me, both of us on top of the bed. His nose almost touching mine. There’s no argument which could ever be brooked with those dark eyes, brooding doesn’t even come close. Determined? Of course. Expectant. Dominant. In control. To be obeyed without question or hesitation. To stare into them means to know this is what you really want, to know your own mind and be strong enough to go where it and he leads. I’m proud enough to face those eyes openly and without hiding or running. They were out of focus range, suddenly… and his mouth was on mine, tasting and invading. The first penetration.

sexy comicon poison ivy geek girls

Intelligence is sexy and geek porn proves it

If we magnify the allure of intelligence in our arousing media, we begin to understand why Marvel and other comic book films, Batman, Catwoman and the rest, are so popular. It seems like there is a never ending tirade of comic book films released at the cinema at the moment, such as Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. It’s not merely an innocent desire to relive some shining facets of childhood; fans of these films quite often express their love of these superhero movies in a very sexual and sometimes even explicit ways. The tight costumes of the men showing rippling muscles, the low cut and impossibly provocative outfits of the women almost bypassing their special talent and thrusting them into a semi-pornographic spotlight.


A cuckold is born

They started to dance. One of Ian’s hands firmly grasped one of Leonna’s satin clad buttocks. There was no resistance from Leonna. In fact she clearly enjoyed the close attention. Ian’s firm hand ensured that his and her pelvis sturdily embraced each other and that movement in time with the music coerced their groins to dance together. Bob felt a wave of jealousy and with it, to his surprise, a hint of arousal. The jealousy and the arousal increased as, towards the end of the dance, both Ian’s hands clasped Leonna’s inviting buttocks.

Billi Jean

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Billi Jean

He tore her leggings down and, in a hurry, pressed her leg up and open. She positioned him and with a hot moan, she stroked along the ultra sensitive head. He had to tense every muscle to hold still for her.

She was wet. More than wet. She was soaked, so wet for him he bent, took her mouth in a rough kiss and fucked up into her without a thought other than how bad he needed her.

“So wet,” he growled. “For me?”

“Yes, oh my God, you’re so perfect. All for you,” she whispered, releasing him but grabbing hold of his shoulders instead and moaning for him. “Give me all of it.”

leather gloved hand of Mistress Cara

Capture by the Goddess

Debbie was naked apart from a leather collar around her neck. She was on her knees and hands at the side of Zoe who held a leash attached to the collar. It was Zoe however from whom I could not take my eyes. Zoe was breath taking in a tight red leather cat suit and black thigh boots. I could not move. The shock had somehow transfixed me to that spot.

“I always say first impressions are so very important”, Zoe sniggered, “and I can see your first impression of your Goddess Zoe has been quite profound” she laughed as she mused at the bulge in my trousers which betrayed the immediate effect she was inducing on my cock.

spoons couple spooning in love


Recursive ripples of pleasure emanating from our tangled form. My mouth taking in the pre-cum slicked tip of his cock, my lips wet by my tongue between taking more and more of his shaft until he’s fucking my throat. His freshly blown cock, still wet from a heady mixture of salty tears, cum and saliva, perfectly lubricated to slide balls-deep into my aching cunt. His generous cock which is always ready for more and never seems spent, completing the carnal hat-trick by flipping me over, smearing cold gel with finger tips and fucking my arse. Hard. While I sob from that addictive blend of exhaustion, need, pain and arousal, deep wracking cathartic sobs into the well-worn teddy of an ageplayer.

cheating infidelity adultery affairs on partner

A man only cheats due to lack of sex

Does a man really only cheat due to lack of sex from his partner?

Do people really believe this?

I’m not sure how this myth started, but it certainly helps absolve men from any blame due to infidelity. A man cheats because his partner’s not making him happy. Because the sex isn’t good enough. Because he’s bored. Because he deserves better. Because he just can’t help it, it’s part of his nature.

Rebecca Brooks headshot

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Rebecca Brooks

Because lifting his arms to the doorframe made his jacket rise up enough to expose the top of his low-slung jeans. As well as the thin green line of his boxers hugging his hips underneath. It didn’t take X-ray vision to know that just above that patch of skin, hidden by his white undershirt and whatever else he had on under his black North Face fleece, were two long dimples carved into his lower back, matching the dimples on his face.

Officially the sexiest part of any man’s body and the one thing Casey dreamed about on those rare nights when she did, in fact, allow herself to dream.

But this was not going to be one of those images she replayed in her mind’s eye. She was already berating herself for noticing. Not only had she turned to putty simply because he slid the hair out of his eyes as if he didn’t know the gesture would make every girl within a ten-mile radius want to extend her hand to his cheek. But she, Cassandra Webb, competent, capable, got dumped on her ass but still got back up again, thirty-four-year-old independent woman, had checked out his twenty-something-year-old butt.

fetish human cage for Mistress slave

Fetish Friday: The Ex, The Bitch (continued) – chaste male fantasy files #6

There was light. To some extent I took it for granted, but the fact that light from the small window, high on the wall of the cellar that was my home, should penetrate the blanket that covered my cage, would, by many, have been regarded as unusual and welcome. I’d been taken as a slave late in the spring so I had only known the summer months in my night time prison. It did not take a great deal of imagination to know how dull, dark and uninviting this place would be in the dark days of winter.

It was presumably the light that had awoken me. How I’d ever trained myself to sleep in the confines of this cage were beyond me, but somehow I had. A very tight foetal position was the obvious initial attempt, but for some reason, it did not work. My body had somehow found a way, although I had to rely on nature to take over each night for me to repeat that particular formula. It worked and I slept. Unfortunately the constant pain in my lower back was the price I paid during my days of toil.


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