FiftyWaystoPlay competition

Competition: Share your best sex tip to win one of 50 Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels Sets!

To celebrate the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer, Durex are giving 50 lucky Cara Sutra readers the chance to win a Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels set. That’s right, there is a mountainous FIFTY sets to give away!

All you need to do to enter is firstly, be a resident of the UK or Republic of Ireland, then share your best sex tip – or a tip for heightening the intimacy and pleasure in the bedroom – as a comment on this blog post.


Together for four years – and this weekend we try something new

We’re actually staying in a hotel room, for two nights, the two of us (my man and I) without anyone else. For most people in a relationship this long, this would have been out of the way and done with in the first 6 months, a year at most. Definitely before having a child, in any case. Not us. We’ve always had someone with us when we’ve stayed anywhere, from ex partners to the chauffeur slave who attends events with us.

No String Sex - No 1 Adult Dating Site for No Strings Casual Sex

A mountain of sex toys but still need sex? Don’t worry, it’s natural

Physical intercourse, or sex with another person, ticks psychological boxes that masturbation doesn’t have on its radar. Sex is a whole different ball game. You are considering the other person’s reactions to you, your body, your actions and words, as well as putting time and effort into discovering how best to please their body and mind. Sex is hard – excuse the pun. But still we desperately search it, seeking the advice of men’s and women’s sexual health magazines and international sex experts in a bid to become the most eligible sex partner (and sometimes life partner) we could possibly be.


Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Missy May

I love interacting. It’s not often that some one comments on one of my posts, but it really means a lot to me. And I love responding and interacting when some one does take the time to comment. I also love how I am always learning. I am always researching, asking questions, reading, and more. Not only am I learning about the world of sex, sex positive stuff, rape culture, toy materials, etc, I am also learning coding and how to handle WordPress issues, and my favorite part is digging deeper and learning to be part of my niche’s community.

the act itself erotica magazine review-1

The Act Itself: A brand new print magazine devoted to the world of erotica

I was delighted to receive the debut issue of The Act Itself recently, free of charge in exchange for an honest overview and communication to my erotica loving audience here at Cara Sutra. My first impression upon opening the discreet, well wrapped package was the size of the magazine. Instead of little more than a leaflet which I was expecting (print is very expensive), I held in my hands an A4, glossy leafed book, rather than a magazine. With 150 pages to leaf through (which are admittedly in black and white unlike the outer cover) I knew that this was a magazine which would easily see any avid fan of erotica through four months until the next issue arrived on the mat.

Gritty Woman Hedovibes 51 Uberkinky-Stainless-Steel-Chastity-Cage-1

Sex Toys Reviews Round Up: HedoVibes #51

Win the Segzi Stroker plus Cheeky Weekend Goodies! -by Cara Sutra (ends 7/27)
Giveaway: Red, White, And Blue (Two Prize Packs) -by BeckandHerKinks (ends 7/30)
Giveaway – The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy -by BlissfullyOrgasmic (ends 7/30)
Win a Bound Dildo -by Bex (ends 7/31)
Share to Win a £50 Spending Spree at Simply Pleasure! -by Cara Sutra (ends 7/31)

The-Boiler-Room-Opening La Boudoir Boutique September 2014

Want a dungeon with a difference? The Boiler Room opens September 2014

Offering a new take on the traditional dungeon or the arguably overdone ‘Red Room of Pain’, The Boiler Room promises to not only revolutionise your sex life but also your flavour of kink. Filled with BDSM accessories and more hardcore bondage sex toys than you’ll find in the mainstream, The Boiler Room is a play setting as well as part of the main shop. Instead of merely offering a location to purchase products though, it will also form a beautiful place and set the appropriate atmosphere for many workshops and demonstrations of a BDSM tone.

Rose Caraway Spotlight Series (2)

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Rose Caraway

“A short story is a different thing all together – a short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger.” ― Stephen King

Rose Caraway is a native Northern California writer, editor, blogger, narrator, audiobook producer and podcaster for the hit show “The Kiss Me Quick’s” Erotica Podcast. She freely celebrates all things erotica with her wonderful Lurid Listeners and is fondly known as “The Sexy Librarian” who scours the globe searching for more sexy stories for her fans, which includes inviting many of today’s most influential erotica authors to guest write for her show.

midnight play competition

Competition: Enter to win a fab free anal sex toys starter kit from Midnight Play

In this new fantastic Cara Sutra competition with goodies donated by Midnight Play, you can win a selection of anal sex toys and associated items which make up the perfect anal sex toys beginner’s bundle.

This amazing prize bundle contains:

Liquorice Dip Set of Three Black Butt Plugs (RRP £17.99 but only £11.48 at Midnight Play)
Easy to use Anal Douche (RRP £7.99 but only £4.35 at Midnight Play)
100ml (3.6oz) bottle of Wet Uranus water based anal lube (RRP £11.45 but only £7.23 at Midnight Play)
That’s an overall RRP value of over £37!


Sex News: Rocks-Off wins prestigious award at the 2014 Storerotica Awards

Northamptonshire-based adult pleasure products manufacturer Rocks-Off Ltd are continuing their successful year by winning yet another award – this time: “Foreign Manufacturer of the Year” at the 2014 Storerotica Awards in Los Angeles which made up part of the ANME trade show.

Rocks-Off’s Managing Director, Sue Walsh, accepted the award at the ceremony in Burbank, Los Angeles and thanked the industry for their continued support. Being recognised as a leading manufacturer on the global-stage remains very humbling to the whole team at the Kettering-based manufacturer and highlights the quality and innovation of UK manufacturers in the adult pleasure market as a whole.

ruffled sheets paracord gifts-4

The kinky crafts of Ruffled Sheets

In case you haven’t been following Ruffled Sheets’ website and Twitter, Andy is a fab blogger, as well as male sex toy reviewer who specialises in male chastity devices. You can read his guest feature Ruffled Sheets Guide to Male Chastity at Cara Sutra here.

As well as writing about all things man-sex (or the kinky lack there-of), Ruffled Sheets turns his sizeable and sexy hands to a few other fascinating pursuits. No, I’m not talking about the coffee and cocktails, I mean his creative use of paracord.

can't get enough

Can’t Get Enough: Erotica for Women by Tenille Brown – Exclusive Excerpt & Competition to Win a Free Book!

Picking up where Gotta Have It left off, Can’t Get Enough captures the passion and intensity of quickies and nooners: those delicious times when the urge to merge takes over. Veteran erotica author and first-time editor Tenille Brown has collected stories for Can’t Get Enough that highlight the essence of insatiable desire. With contributions from familiar names like Rachel Kramer Bussel, Jacqueline Applebee and Giselle Renarde, along with newer faces like Monica Corwin and Beatrix Ellroy, this is a book full of diverse and dynamic characters who are bold and daring. The authors here knock the theme of Can’t Get Enough right out of the park with stories that will leave readers as breathless as the characters they’re reading about, dying for more.


Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Beck and her Kinks

This week’s sex blogger in the spotlight is Beck and Her Kinks: a forthright, confident sex blogger with a spicy attitude for all things kinky and sexy.

Beck’s blog is a fabulous mixture of everything you could want from a sex blog. Sex toy and adult product reviews, erotica, videos, educational articles, sex toys shopping links, blogging memes, sexy photography and a lot more. Read on to find out more about the lady behind the website!

Would you like a free feature post of your own? They’re posted on Thursdays. If you’re a sex blogger or sex toy reviewer, check out my call for submissions here and email me here.

pennysblog_sexualfantasy hedovibes 50

Sex Toys Reviews Round Up: HedoVibes #50

Win a Fleshlight Launchpad -by NaughtyCC (ends 7/16)
Win Icicles No. 27 -by BlissfullyOrgasmic (ends 7/16)
GET WET with Wet’s HUGE Giveaway! -by Slutty Girl Problems (ends 7/27)
Win the Segzi Stroker plus Cheeky Weekend Goodies! -by Cara Sutra (ends 7/27)
Giveaway: Red, White, And Blue (Two Prize Packs) -by BeckandHerKinks (ends 7/30)
Win a Bound Dildo -by Bex (ends 7/31)


Erotic Author Spotlight Series: D.L. King

The Story of O, Carrie’s Story and Fifty Shades of Grey. Top award-winning editor and writer D. L. King and her masterful eroticists offer the reader an immersive experience into the world of pleasure and power in Slave Girls: Erotic Stories of Submission. True to its name, this collection is all about women in submission who know exactly what they need. These sexy, subversive stories of submissives whose cravings won’t stop until every need is satisfied come from the very best eroticists including Alison Tyler, Sommer Marsden and D.L. King herself.

Film Noir Boudoir

Fetish Friday: The time I made him make me safeword

The flashes of his face in between squeezing my eyes closed to meet the red to white pain showed me the truth of this man. Not the yawn-worthy ‘eyes of steel’ but something harder, something so terribly bad, something much worse than a wall of nothing. A wall of something. A sentient sadism like two glinting knife edges poised to strike and enjoying the process of fear in their victim. Dark, so dark like chocolate turned to charcoal – the embers shining in the centre of them the only external view of the deviant fire blazing within.

cock shots and naked photos

Why naked pics and cock shots don’t do it for me

When I receive a cock shot in my inbox, I feel none of the sensations and emotions that the above mental imagery conjures up. I see, quite patently and very boringly, penis. Oh look, it’s a penis. Thanks. There’s absolutely zero sensation or stimulation whether in my brain, throat, nipples, clit or deep inside my pussy. Nothing. A mild sense of irritation that my time has been wasted opening this message, and perhaps a deeper sense of disappointment if said penis-pic has come from a contact I expected more from than to send me cock shots as some failed attempt at getting my attention and summoning arousal. I toss the email, with disdain, into the trash bin. These days, I don’t even reply to the contact with surprise, anger, or upset. I simply cut all ties.

red pussy hair3

Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Red Pussy Hair

Ryan P.’s blog, is a personal sexual journal that chronicles his responses to naked people and pictures of naked people. Discussing his relationships with women, porn, early (and current) masturbation experiences, it explores, in his own words: “things I’ve done, things I wish I’d done, and things I probably shouldn’t have done”.