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Fetish Friday: The Main Event – chaste male slave fantasy files #3

The air smelt of opulence. Amongst the throng of feminine beauty, slaves were interspersed, to see to every need of the guests. The host, the Goddess, my Mistress, found slaves repulsive, and the thought of their naked or half naked bodies abhorrent. In her world, at her events, slaves were covered, normally, as on this occasion in tight fitting rubber. The obvious discomfort of her slaves betrayed by the sweat pouring from the brows beneath their rubber hooded heads always pleased my Mistress. On this occasion our skin tight rubber uniforms were an hideous bright yellow. Slaves could not hide. Always visible to the guests and at their beck and call. In keeping with the theme of this night, which was to emphasise the superiority of real men over their worthless counterparts, the mouths of all slaves were bizarrely wedged wide open clasped around rubber ring gags. Slaves had no need to speak, they merely obeyed commands. Our aching clamped jaws an added discomfort and of course our open unprotected mouths always open to the abuse of our betters.

pretty when I cry - sex blog erotica

Pretty when I cry

Raising my hips in the usual way I can easily slip just the end of his still hard cock inside my incredibly wet cunt. Sucking him and making him cum hard down my throat always turns me on so much that my inner thighs are a sticky mess of arousal. I lean down to kiss him, my mouth still awash with the taste of his cum – but he loves the taste. It makes him kiss me all the more passionately, his tongue sweeping around my mouth, exploring, relishing every last remnant of his cum and combining that pleasure with kissing me because he loves me but lusts for me, and these moments are the culmination of that desire and emotion. I kiss him back harder, matching his passion, and at the same time sit down hard on his cock, my tight but slippery pussy offering absolutely no resistance whatsoever.

He gasps and moans all at once, into my mouth as we’re still kissing. So satisfying. I start to move, slowly at first, up and down on his cock and my tits hang down heavily, nipples brushing his chest hair. He moves his hands out easily from underneath my playfully Dominant hands on his wrists, there’s nothing I could do to stop him. His fingers find my nipples and pinch them gently at first, then increasing in pressure until I’m the one moaning against his mouth in now intermittent kisses, gasping and moaning and squealing. Rising and sitting on his cock, my thighs clamped hard to his body, riding him on top and wanting more, always more, insatiable for his sex.


The Oh My Lord’s Prayer

The Oh My Lord’s Prayer
Our crafters, who art in China
Hollow be thy moulds.
Your vibrators come,
Your dildos done
In the UK, as it is in Asia.
Give us today what we want in bed,
And forgive us our complaints.
As we have forgiven early toxic rabbits.
Lead us directly into temptation
and deliver to us our sex toys.

hedovibes 83 cover sex toys photo tantus butt plugs

Sex Toy Review Round Up: Hedovibes #83


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love curiosity

Why Love Curiosity will become your new sex toys shopping addiction

Sex toy shopping websites. You’ve seen them, you’ve visited them, and you probably have your favourites bookmarked. I’m here to tell you about a serious new player to town which puts those regular and boring shops in the shade: Love Curiosity.

What makes Love Curiosity so different? Instead of page after page of pink jelly rabbit vibrators, pocket pussies and more lubricant than a particularly perverted wrestling competition, Love Curiosity offer you two major differences;

1. A fresh feeling, vibrant, easy to navigate website which looks and feels unique amongst sex toy shopping websites

2. Hand-picked, high quality products specially selected to appeal to the most discerning customers

Love Curiosity focus on only selling sex toys and bedroom accessories from trusted and reputable suppliers.

Jeanette Lebo erotic author spotlight series feature at Cara Sutra Photo

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Jeanette Lebo

Having worked in the film and fashion industries for over two decades, Jeanette Lebo is no stranger to the sexual exploits that accompany ambition and fame. Jeanette’s passion for writing and love of erotica combined with her life experience led her to pen her first erotic novel, Off Limits: a story about a successful film Production Director who falls hopelessly in love with a younger guy who is totally off-limits.
Jeanette’s second novel, Chandra, is based on one of the naughtier characters in Off Limits, and is scheduled for release in early 2016 . . . stay tuned.

the casual naughty dater - guest feature at cara sutra

The Casual Naughty Dater

People have different habits when it comes down to dating. Some look for a long-term life partner whilst others are just after a quick fling. That is because we are all individuals with needs which can vary from simple physical desires to more complex emotional ones. Most of the time our needs, wants and lusts all combine together into our personalities, determining what we are looking for when going out on that next date.

Looking for love

Who doesn’t want to be loved? Since the dawn of times, human beings have had the need for affection. The feeling of being adored by someone else makes us feel like a better person, and being able to reciprocate this emotion towards another person adds a sense of balance to our lives, as though it is something that is forever meant to be. The truth is that a lot of us often get confused between loving someone and being infatuated by someone. Some of us understand love to be a caring sensation, like the one we feel towards our parents who have looked after us our whole lives; whilst for others, love is more of an obsession; often linked to our emotional balance. Love is a very complex phenomenon and some believe it is what defines us as human beings.

Sinful Sunday: Shadow of Sin Colour

Classifying vaginal piercings as FGM is an unacceptable mutilation of women’s freedom

All my research beforehand had stated that this would be the case; a clit hood piercing can increase the sexual pleasure of a woman through either masturbation with or without sex toys or during sex with a partner. Throughout my years with a clit hood piercing the only slight issue I’ve had is the rattling of the metal if I use a bullet vibrator to stimulate my clitoris during masturbation. Everything else is sheer pleasure. There’s an illicit thrill attached to having my clit bar or ring slightly tugged or teased by a lover’s fingertips or tongue, or the motion of the ball-end against my clit during the thrusts of sexual intercourse. Knowing it’s there throughout the day, underneath my clothes, makes me feel sexy. Makes me feel more confident and attractive.


Fetish Friday: The Naked Latex Maids – chaste male slave fantasy files #2

The room was clearly set for a party. A table full of nibbles and canapies, mini plates, glasses and decorations. Music was also playing but as yet no guests. I stood with a tray full of filled champagne flutes awaiting the arrival of the revellers . My tray was the fourth in a line of four trays each bearing similar flutes.

The stiff collar around my neck prevented me from turning my head beyond the trays themselves and I was unable to identify my fellow subordinates. There was however no reason to do so. Each wall in the chamber consisted almost virtually of mirrors. I looked forward to see 4 absolutely identical naked females holding trays. They were not females of course. They were male slaves and I was one of them. Every centimetre of my body was encased in latex depicting an idiotic almost stereotypical large breasted blonde. Our latex faces were emotionless with ridiculously thick red lips and we each wore the same blonde wig.


Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Miss Ruby Reviews

Six months ago, I’d have laughed if you suggested that I’d soon be running a sex toy review blog. I’m a very private person, and I don’t usually talk about my sex life with my own friends, let alone the public.

The start of Miss Ruby Reviews was all very spontaneous. A few months before I started my blog,, I watched a mini-series documentary called Frisky Business. This documentary followed the comings and goings of the staff at Lovehoney, one of the larger online sex toy stores in the UK. I loved the series so much because, for the first time, I heard people talking about sex toys in a frank and honest way. This sparked my initial interest in becoming more involved in the industry. A few months later, after a particularly expensive sex-toy shopping splurge, my partner suggested that, if I was going to spend all that money, I may as well do something creative with my purchases. I took one hour to think about it then set out to buy a domain name. That shopping splurge gave me material for the first couple of weeks of my blog.


The Consensual Slut Project: Why I am proud to be a ‘slut’

I am proud to be a slut. That isn’t the same as saying I recognise that I am a woman of loose morals and I don’t care. What I mean is that I have an affinity with the phrase itself and its place and meaning in my life.

I do not want to be called a slut by just anybody. I will not tolerate having the word “slut” spat at me as an insult, by those who attempt to shame a woman for either her sexual choices or by assigning incorrect moral values to her with incorrect, outdated terminology. That’s not sex positive. That’s not pleasant. That’s not right.

How can the word “slut” be so good, yet so bad? This happens in the English language all the time, and not just to words with a sexual connotation. Words like “gay” and “queer” have undergone evolution to becoming universally accepted as positive terms, while schoolkids have spent the past few decades confusing parents with the opposite to traditional definitions of “wicked”, “bad”, “sick” and more. Words which are still in the infancy of their evolution towards something sex positive are of course a sensitive issue for the deemed-to-be-relevant subjects of those words or labels in society. This might explain the intense actions and debate of those who rail against terms such as “slut” or “whore” – but I don’t believe it justifies negative attitudes or behaviour towards those who welcome a new understanding and ownership of such words.