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pm thomas erotic author spotlight series feature at cara sutra

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: PM Thomas

The Woman took him on that offer, she slipped off her panties, showing off her perfect neatly trimmed bush.
The Boy admired her sublime womanly magnificence with an infatuated eye. “Of all the pussies I’ve seen, yours ranks as number one. It looks warm and inviting. And, best of all, the carpets perfectly match the drapes, a plus in my books.”

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Sexhibition 2015 – The Cara Sutra Report

Sexhibition 2015 was a memorable experience, for various reasons. The erotic event of the year took place at Event City Manchester, which is right by the Trafford Centre, and promised to bring together adult industry exhibitors, porn stars and other adult entertainers in one glamorous, spectacular event.

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What BlogSpot at the ETO Show teaches us about sex bloggers

Having entered the industry as a sex blogger and with blogging and sex toy reviews still at the core of my own online presence, I know that there is a real underlying feeling of inferiority from the blogging sector. That’s why I wanted to help create a purposeful, helpful and welcoming space specifically for our adult industry writers at this year’s ETO Show.

Beth D Carter

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Beth D. Carter

Braden shut her up by kissing her. One minute she was raving like a lunatic and the next moment he claimed her mouth with his. At first, she didn’t respond as surprise rippled through her. She simply took in the fact that her stoic, taciturn cowboy was, in fact, kissing her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and opened her mouth, letting her tongue meet the seam of his lips. He opened immediately and swirled their tongues together. It was different from Leo’s kiss but no less sensual. Her fear melted into desire and, when he pulled back to stare at her with his blazing blue orbs, her fear evaporated.

sexy webcam show

How to give the sexiest webcam show of your life

There are loads of different apps available for face to face conversations on line. Some people use them for meetings and work purposes, others for keeping in touch with family members. Personally I prefer to use these applications for something naughtier, like a thrilling internet strip tease or a personal sex show with my lover.


A guide to buying your first sex toy – regardless of sexuality, gender or relationship status

Buying your first sex toy, whether alone or as part of a couple, is a very exciting experience. You’re about to embark on a new adventure in your sexual life and the chance to try something new is deliciously alluring. The chance to ignite your orgasms by a new masturbation method or discover higher levels of satisfaction with a lover comes rarely in our adult lives. Embrace this thrilling opportunity and get ready for more fulfilling sexual pleasure.

electric vibrator history of sex toys

The history of sex toys – and what the future may hold

It may surprise you to learn that products designed for sexual intimacy were popular well before Sex and the City or Fifty Shades of Grey. In fact, the global phenomenon that is today’s sex toys actually originated in the civilisations of ancient history. It is fascinating to discover just how sex toys have developed through the centuries, from primitive and humble beginnings to the technological wonders of a sexually progressive 21st century.

lisabet sarai

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Lisabet Sarai

“Answer me, slut!” With his free hand he gives a vicious twist to my right nipple. It’s still swollen and tender from the clamps he made me wear through dinner. A bolt of pain arcs from the abused nub down to my engorged clit, transmuting to electric pleasure along the way.
“Ow! Oh…!” He slides a finger along the wet slit between my splayed thighs, then snatches it away.

paddle paddling spanking fetish

Choosing The Best Tools for Spanking, Corporal Punishment & Pain Fetish

So you want to get hitty with it? Has Fifty Shades of Grey got you all fired up for a bit of spanking action? Or do you hate absolutely everything 50 Shades and want to ‘do it properly’?
There are loads of different spanking tools out there that you can use for anything from a sensual bit of power play in the bedroom with your lover all the way up to a strict disciplinary at your local dungeon or fetish club.

the big gay review

Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: The Big Gay Review

So the blog is called The Big Gay Review and I really wish there was a ‘hilarious’ anecdote to go with why I called the blog that – but the reality is, I thought it would be funny. I was thinking about things like ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and basically thought ‘Let’s just call it what it is – it’s a review blog written by a big gay!’. And that’s honest to the dildo gods the reason behind the name.