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The Sounds of Pleasure: Ruffled Sheets Guide to Urethral Sounding

Aside from the two questions above, possibly the most common I’m asked is “Does it hurt?”. The short answer is: No. But let me give a more detailed explanation. Sounding has never hurt me. Not even in the slightest. There’s also no reason why it will hurt you, too. But more than that, it won’t just “not hurt”, it’ll feel amazing! Sounding can be done by anyone, but I’m going to write about it from a male perspective, as that’s the only way I can. So forgive me if, from now on, this is a bit penis-centric. For me, sounding isn’t just slightly pleasurable. It’s wonderful. It’s intense, yes. But in an amazing way. To me, sounding feels like a long, slow orgasm, that only ends when you stop stimulation.

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Sex Toy Review Round Up: Hedovibes #63

Hungry for More Giveaway -by Scarlet Rose Fox (ends 10/28)
Can’t Get Enough Women’s Erotica -by BeckAndHerKinks (ends 10/30)
Win a £50 voucher for Nice n Naughty Treats during October -by Cara Sutra (ends 10/31)
Win a set of Jopen Stella II Kegel Balls -by Property Of Potter (ends 10/31)
Erotic Book Giveaway: Cover Him With Darkness -by CliticalJenne (ends 11/1)

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Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Sean Michael

He put on the condom, his hand slicking down over his own length, and he lubed the glove up.

Then he pushed Toby’s legs farther apart and settled between them.

“Going to pop your cherry, honey. Going to let you come on my cock.”

Putting Toby’s legs over his shoulders, he pressed the head of his erection against Toby’s needy hole and began to push. Toby’s sweet hole fought him for a heartbeat, then the tip of his cock popped in.

no strings attached sex - shame free sex in the 21st century

No Strings Attached – How to Have Shame-Free Sex in the 21st Century

Society generally accepts the following as ‘normal’ reasons for having sex – because you are expressing love to your partner, or you are hoping to build a family together. Having fun and convenient no-strings attached sex, you may be at risk of having a hard time justifying why you’re having a sex-only relationship. Of course, it doesn’t help that there can be a double standard against women ‘just’ having sex without the partnership. Be aware of the attitudes that surround women and sex and be mindful of confiding in friends about your new relationships.


Sex & Disability: How Escorts for Disabled Clients Can Improve Love Lives & Confidence

So why would a disabled person choose to pay for the services of an escort? Well, there are a variety of reasons, with no client’s story being the same. It could be due to feelings of isolation because of their disability, wanting to get used to their body again following an event such as an accident or maybe just like any able-bodied person – they want to have a good time in the company of a gorgeous girl. Whatever the reason, a disabled client needs to know that their particular wishes and needs are met.


Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Inquisitive Clam

My fiance and I were in a long distance relationship for two separated years at the beginning of our relationship, and I joined a site called Sex Forums initially looking for ideas to try to make our sex life a little more exciting. My fiance has always been shy when it comes to talking about sex, and we didn’t have much phone sex because getting started was awkward, so I was looking for other things we could try.

I started a blog on Sex Forums and began writing sex toy reviews as a hobby, and while it took several years, that blog turned into a WordPress blog with my own domain. I’m very much a newbie, but I’ve already learned a lot and continue to do plenty of research.

sexy witch

The best Halloween themed sex toys – plus, scary but sexy adult costumes

Think Halloween is just for kids and goths? Think again! Everyone can find something to enjoy at Halloween, and I don’t just mean a bucket of teeth-rotting sweets. Sink your teeth into something juicy and fun after bedtime… a sexy treat for yourself or shared with a lucky partner.

Seeing as you’re here at Cara Sutra it’s safe to assume you have at least a little interest in sex toys. Hopefully, quite a strong and healthy interest. Did you know that there are Halloween sex toys? Ok, I admit it: some of the sex toys you find in the Halloween areas of sex shops have less than tenuous links, but a little imagination goes a long way. It’s all in the name of fun – solo or shared – so overlook the creative licence on some of these so-called spooky sex toys and get in the spirit of things.


Competition: Win the Sportsheets Expandable Spreader Bar & Cuffs Set courtesy of Uber Kinky

This set is usually priced at £38.99 but it can be yours for FREE if you’re randomly selected as the lucky winner of this competition.

The giveaway is open worldwide (hurrah) and ends on Monday 10th November at 9pm UK time.

Plenty of time to get LOADS of entries in: come back every day to comment for another entry, and tweet about the giveaway every day for an extra one there too.

No excuses!

male escorts and why women should give them a go

Male Escorts: Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Give Them A Go

Single men have been hiring escorts for almost as long as anyone can remember, and the companionship that these women can offer has been very popular. What about the ladies looking for a hunk to spend some time with? Well, after years of being woefully under-catered for, ladies now have a huge selection of escorts to choose from! Many agencies now offer male escorts as well as female, and their popularity is slowly rising. Many women are now enjoying the benefits of high-powered careers, but with that can come long hours and a lack of time to socialise and relax. The result? Women are feeling stressed out and lonely. That’s where an escort comes in!


Sex News: New behind the scenes videos for The Boiler Room & La Boudoir Boutique

La Boudoir Boutique have created two revealing videos to give an appealing behind the scenes look at both the boudoir elements of the sex shop and the progress of the new fetish and BDSM area, The Boiler Room which is due to open next month.

Enjoy watching the two videos below, and of course the La Boudoir Boutique team and I would be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments at the end of this post.