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The Breaking of K (Wearing of the CB-6000 Male Chastity Device Journal)

To dream of the unobtainable invariably leads to torment and unrequited desire. After last night’s conversation I found myself imagining what it must be like to have sex with the most stunningly beautiful, unattainable, deliciously cruel Goddess and Bitch. I imagined Her naked body close to me, Her erect nipples betraying Her arousal, the heat radiating from Her sex and through that heat I could feel the moistness inviting my eventual penetration. Of course this was all in my imagination, but I was imagining something I’d never dared with any of my previous Femdom owners. Having said that, Mistress Cara is special, probably my last and certainly the most deserving and superior Mistress I have ever served. Perhaps even more reason not to imagine the impossible. Not only did I imagine it but I did so when my cock was restrained preventing not only sexual release but even a proper erection.


Competition: Win a Black Leather Harness & Fun Factory Tiger Stub with Kinky Monkey

I’ve been a fan of Kinky Monkey ever since I met them in person at the ETO Show last year. Their handmade leather goods are beautiful and brilliant quality, and adorn not only fans of light bedroom bondage but BDSM scene mainstays like Dom Strap On. Now Kinky Monkey are giving you the chance to own their flagship product, the black leather strap on harness, absolutely free – as well as a gorgeous dildo to slip inside.

Both the Kinky Monkey Black Leather Harness and the Fun Factory Tiger Stub Dildo have been given the full review treatment here at Cara Sutra recently, and they’re both solid, reliable products which I can give my full recommendation to. But don’t worry, you’re not winning my harness and dildo – Kinky Monkey have another strap on harness and brand new Fun Factory Tiger Stub to send to the lucky winner.


Sex news: Segzi caters to smut fans with new erotic books shop

I love erotic fiction. There’s nothing better than being so hooked on a sizzling hot novel that you just can’t put it down until you’ve relished every deliciously suggestive adjective and every carefully crafted sensual phrase. Sadly, not every erotic novel or sexy short story is as skilfully written as the favourites in my library. Some are downright shocking, for all the wrong reasons. I know; I’ve been subjected to some terrible ‘erotica’ in my time.

There’s two problems I have when it comes to erotic fiction: I have a very busy life so I don’t get much chance to read for long periods, and then there’s the matter of knowing where to find this often elusive high calibre of sexy writing. I don’t want to waste precious reading/masturbation time trawling through hundreds of pages on Amazon, only to be faced with thousands of authors and their offerings without any real idea whether they’re totally dire or the next Anne Rice.


Pre-event: Smut in the City Luton March 2015

New year means new events – and the first exciting meet up this year is courtesy of Smut UK. I was delighted to be able to attend two Smut UK events last year; Smut by the Sea in Scarborough and Smut in the City in Manchester. Both events were professionally organised, well attended occasions and I thoroughly enjoyed my visits.

So what’s happening and when? Well the first sexy event of the year is Smut in the City: Luton. It’s organised by the Smut UK team of course, and this particular event is sponsored by House of Erotica.


Sex news: Official Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Toys launches new deluxe Red Room Bondage Collection

The Fifty Shades of Grey film, based on the best selling trilogy of books by EL James, will be in theatres (cinemas) from Valentine’s Day next month. I’ll be going to see it along with probably most of the western world (though not at the same time and definitely not at the same cinema). The film fifty shades of grey lowest price erotic books at Lovehoney with offersstars Jamie Dornan As Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, the protagonists who find themselves caught in a kinky love affair in the books. As Fifty Shades of Grey undoubtedly (and maybe inexplicably) helped to bridge the worlds of vanilla and kink, it will be genuinely interesting to see the effect a film version will have on the world view of BDSM or at least a bit of light bedroom bondage.

On Her Back Sex Blogger sex toy reviews

Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: On Her Back

Why did you start a sex blog or reviewing sex toys?

I’m a sex+ person and I was trying to reclaim my sexuality after a traumatizing event. I wanted to learn more about my body and sex toy reviewing has put me and my body through so many good–and some bad–experiences. I’m grateful for all of them. I’m becoming a pro at me ; )

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

The writing process! I have notes plastered all around my room. I’m an English major and future author and sex+ woman, I needed something regular to write about.


Can I really have an orgasm in my sleep?

Upon properly waking up I don’t feel the muscle tension that usually comes post-orgasm. The orgasm I had in my dreams isn’t that lightning bolt zing from clit to throat. It’s more of a rippling wave from top to toe, a gentle lapping of pleasure which unfurls from… where, I’m once again not sure. The pit of my stomach, my clit, my mind. All I know is that when I’m awake the feeling is ebbing away but it might just be the fading of a dream, not a real orgasm.

One of my exes could orgasm without touching herself. Whether on the bus or just before going to sleep at night. Wherever she was she could just think about it and make herself have an orgasm. What an enviable skill. But her orgasms were always when she was fully awake, never when asleep.


No more page 3? Don’t worry, there are plenty more boobs in the world

It’s more than a little scary that if wank fodder gets taken away from a certain type of man their first instinct is to have a tantrum, call names and insult women – insult their looks mostly, for what else do women have?

So who is to ‘blame’ for the door closing on boobs in The Sun? Most put this squarely at the feet of ‘those stupid feminists’. We can assume that this refers to the Say No To Page 3 campaigners (find on Twitter and Facebook), who have certainly not made a secret of their feelings about boobs on page 3 (or indeed any other page) of The Sun. Bare breasts in the paper has been labelled misogynistic, objectifying and primitive and the campaigners tirelessly petitioned to get this feature permanently removed from The Sun. Upon hearing the announcement on the 20th January, the Say No To Page 3 campaigners were absolutely ecstatic in their triumphant celebrations.


Sex Toy Review Round Up: Hedovibes #75

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Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Samantha Egret

“Yes,” moaned Hannah in-between kisses. He was definitely in the right place, and although it felt better than his finger-play weeks before, she still didn’t feel quite the same as when her husband or even she had done it before. So she simply decided to move their play into another position. She spun on top of him, skirt still up, and backed into him in a lap dance. She grabbed for his hand and stuffed it back into the front of her panties, allowing him to pet her while she intensified the gyration as she backed into him.

Danny groaned, and then lifted her off of him quickly. “I think I need some air.” He quickly exited the back seat, and stood up next to the car, taking in a few deep breaths.

Hannah smiled. She might have made him almost pop right then and there. She felt a sense of pride that she could do so much to him, fully clothed. She wished she could do more. “Are you okay?” she asked, leaning out of the back seat to look at him.