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Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Kilted Wookie

A friend of mine published her first couple of stories on Literotica and asked me for my opinion. Whilst I enjoyed hers, I noticed that a lot of male amateur erotica writers tended to write stories that were little more than , which holes, which positions, how long, how hard, how many thrusts and how good their orgasm felt. The woman might not have been there, she was simply a device to allow the male character to have sex.  

Ginger segreti

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Ginger Segreti

“I said enough! No amount of your sweet lips will permit you to escape punishment.”
I stopped chagrined and bent myself over, supplicant in front of her. I allowed my body to request tenderness as I succumbed completely to her.
Mistress Charm stood and walked leisurely towards me.
“You think you can captivate me? Beguile your way out of this?”
She laughed—a soft, almost cruel harmony upon her lips.

the letter c - the c word - cancer breast cancer awareness month

The C Word

Cancer. That word strikes fear into people. It’s so terrifying that we tend to refer to it as The Big C, when we have to talk of it at all, and discussions surrounding possible or actual tumours stay firmly labelled with the friendlier sounding ‘lump’. Those dark masses, whether they are found in ourselves or people we know, remind us of our mortality. We’re all terminal, it’s just a case of how long we have.

orgasm masturbation woman

Reach Out: The Sexuality Of Touch

It is often said that we need to remember that our brains are our biggest sex organs. Well, surely this true in a more figurative sense, because it isn’t literally true. Indeed, we’re not supposed to think of our genitals as being primary in the sexual realm, but we are forgetting our actual largest organ of the body: our skin. Our outer layer. The soft and sensitive flesh that pulls so many sexual feelings and encounters into our souls by way of touch.

women recipients and gatekeepers of sex

Women are not merely the recipients and gatekeepers of sex

Mostly, sex gets defined as something that men do to women rather than something women and men enjoy together. A lot of sex-related advice to women still seems to have a starting point of sexual pleasure being something women ration out to men: we bargain with it, treat it as a kind of currency. It might not always be so crude as ‘wait till you’ve got his ring on your finger before you let him finger your ring’ nowadays, but so-called ‘sexperts’ are still raking it in by advising women to withhold sex, no matter how horny they are, as a way of manipulating men into giving them something (other than multiple orgasms) that they actually want.