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a handy guide to kissing with ten top tips - cara sutra sexpert uk

These 10 tips will make you the world’s best kisser (probably)

Kissing is often a forgotten or at least neglected area of our love lives. Whether you’re in a relationship or a sassy single with a satisfying sex life, kissing adds a uniquely passionate element to sex and lovemaking. It’s not just a stepping stone to sex or something you do when other parts of your body are intertwined, however. Kissing is a wonderfully bonding, intimate experience that lovers can enjoy at any time of the day. You can even do it in public!

sex lies videotape and being a decent person

Sex, lies, videotape and being a decent person

Now this is totally my own opinion here, but surely being a decent person dictates that you don’t show someone’s sexy goodies off to all and sundry, or even one other person, if you haven’t got explicit permission, excuse the pun. If you don’t have consent to share said pictures, video, whatever type of media it is – then don’t. It doesn’t even just apply to sexy selfies, sex tapes and naked photos – this is usual courteous practice when it comes to sharing an image that someone has taken which you’ve found on the internet. Could be of anything. A kitten, a flower, a bridge, a vibrator. Don’t just take it and share it on your blog – ask permission first. Or at least make sure consent to share/use it is apparent by it being labelled under Creative Commons licence. Same with snippets and excerpts of someone’s writing.


The best sex blogs round up: Elust #62 (I’m ‘Readers Choice’ from Sex Bytes!)

Thanks to the readers of Sex Bytes for choosing my ‘sex dolls slut shaming’ article as the Reader’s Choice for this edition of ELust. I am so incredibly delighted, proud – and also relieved that this article made it into this edition. Coincidentally, I had planned on submitting this very article for this ELust edition but sadly I missed the deadline, after being distracted with other matters. Darn work! Thanks for voting it and make sure you check out not only the sex dolls feature but also the other wonderful articles from sex bloggers across the globe collated for you in one handy spot.

By the way, if you’re interested in what else you can do with a sex doll, check out my top alternative uses for a blow up sex doll article here. You know you want to.


Sex Toy Review Round Up: Hedovibes #59

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How does a woman give a man anal sexual pleasure?

Give additional pleasure while experimenting with his anal region. This is quite tricky, as it’s natural to want to see what you’re doing. Extra and familiar pleasure helps him relax and allows you to explore his ass with your fingers if you’re giving him a fluid, well lubricated hand job at the same time, paying attention to his testicles as well as his shaft and penis tip, of course. In later sessions you might feel confident enough to kiss and suck his penis, giving a languid and thoroughly stimulating blow job while you probe his anal area slowly.
When giving anal pleasure to a man, you would do well to be aware of a little something called the prostate. A little walnut shaped something, to be precise. This gland is located fairly deep inside the anal canal, on the upper wall if the man is laying face up. You should be able to just about stimulate it with a fingertip or two but it takes practice – and again, more lube. Use a beckoning motion with your finger and watch him squirm in pleasure. You’re right to keep your fingernails short! This gland is the epicentre of a man’s anal pleasure. When correctly stimulated, the prostate can lead to full body orgasms like your man has never before experienced. For more on this subject and a great deal of in-depth, expert knowledge, I highly recommend Charlie Glickman’s The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure (here at It’s a must-read for everything prostate and male anal pleasure. You can read guest reviews of this book written for Cara Sutra here and here.


Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Vanessa Clark

I hurried away from the door before they’d realise I had been there the whole time. I went to the nearest toilet, pulled down my drawers, and feverishly masturbated my pussy, with four fingers this time, stretching myself as I fucked it in the same fast, quick, and speedy manner that George fucked Olivia. I came so many times Madame—four times. After I was spent, I asked myself, not in my head, but out loud, in a murmur, “What is Olivia doing to me?” When I came for the last time, I said this out loud too: “Oh Olivia, I love you! If only you know how much I love you.”

Not too loud, of course. Nobody could possibly hear me. I wouldn’t dare be that brave and bold. When I left the bathroom, and returned back to the study, I was surprised to find the naughty two gone. Where had they gone?


Smut for Good Blog Hop: A Snog for Sommer

I feel the sheet under me, the sheet that felt so cold when he first carried me to it and laid me down but has since submitted to warmth underneath my naked but for rope body. I feel the hemp rope tight but not painful around both wrists, tied in front of me in a placating prayer. He is kind and didn’t tie them to my rear, so I can lay flat on the bed. He is cruel because I know this means he plans to keep me like this for some time. Rope also adorns my ankles, keeping them bound together although I can crook my legs open at the knees. Or rather, he can prise them apart. My mind cartwheels again. I try for a dry swallow.

Dont judge a sex toy by its price tag - cara sutra at LELO blog

How to make sure you buy a sex toy you’ll actually use

I’m proud to introduce my first outing on the fabulous LELO blog: Don’t Judge a Sex Toy by its Price Tag.
As well as giving you a Jessie J earworm for the rest of the day, you’ll learn what it is about some sex toys that make them a lasting part of your go-to collection, other than simply a high price on the label.
Don’t pay for brand names, fancy packaging or marketing spiel – pay for a sex toy which you’ll actually use.


Challenge Cara: Alternative uses for a blow up sex doll?

3 Sickie stand in at the office. If you are technical in the slightest I am sure you could fashion some kind of remotely controlled inflation/deflation device.

4 Travel by public transport and sick of people taking the seat right next to you when there’s plenty of others? Never again want to be within intimate distance of the great unwashed? No problem. Take your inflatable friend with you and you have a constant public transport companion who reeks with the delicate, arousing and attractive scent of, erm, vinyl.

Succulent Sex Craft Sheri Winston

Mango Garden Press Announces New Book by Award-Winning Sex Educator Sheri Winston

Medical professional Sheri Winston is one of the United States’ leading sex teachers. Her celebrated teaching skills, specialized knowledge and unique Wholistic Sexuality™ approach make her a sought-after teacher and presenter. She is a certified nurse-midwife, gynecology practitioner and licensed massage therapist as well as an expert in the esoteric erotic arts. She has been featured on Strange Sex (TLC) and The Doctors (CBS).