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Capture by the Goddess

Debbie was naked apart from a leather collar around her neck. She was on her knees and hands at the side of Zoe who held a leash attached to the collar. It was Zoe however from whom I could not take my eyes. Zoe was breath taking in a tight red leather cat suit and black thigh boots. I could not move. The shock had somehow transfixed me to that spot.

“I always say first impressions are so very important”, Zoe sniggered, “and I can see your first impression of your Goddess Zoe has been quite profound” she laughed as she mused at the bulge in my trousers which betrayed the immediate effect she was inducing on my cock.

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Recursive ripples of pleasure emanating from our tangled form. My mouth taking in the pre-cum slicked tip of his cock, my lips wet by my tongue between taking more and more of his shaft until he’s fucking my throat. His freshly blown cock, still wet from a heady mixture of salty tears, cum and saliva, perfectly lubricated to slide balls-deep into my aching cunt. His generous cock which is always ready for more and never seems spent, completing the carnal hat-trick by flipping me over, smearing cold gel with finger tips and fucking my arse. Hard. While I sob from that addictive blend of exhaustion, need, pain and arousal, deep wracking cathartic sobs into the well-worn teddy of an ageplayer.

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A man only cheats due to lack of sex

Does a man really only cheat due to lack of sex from his partner?

Do people really believe this?

I’m not sure how this myth started, but it certainly helps absolve men from any blame due to infidelity. A man cheats because his partner’s not making him happy. Because the sex isn’t good enough. Because he’s bored. Because he deserves better. Because he just can’t help it, it’s part of his nature.

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Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Rebecca Brooks

Because lifting his arms to the doorframe made his jacket rise up enough to expose the top of his low-slung jeans. As well as the thin green line of his boxers hugging his hips underneath. It didn’t take X-ray vision to know that just above that patch of skin, hidden by his white undershirt and whatever else he had on under his black North Face fleece, were two long dimples carved into his lower back, matching the dimples on his face.

Officially the sexiest part of any man’s body and the one thing Casey dreamed about on those rare nights when she did, in fact, allow herself to dream.

But this was not going to be one of those images she replayed in her mind’s eye. She was already berating herself for noticing. Not only had she turned to putty simply because he slid the hair out of his eyes as if he didn’t know the gesture would make every girl within a ten-mile radius want to extend her hand to his cheek. But she, Cassandra Webb, competent, capable, got dumped on her ass but still got back up again, thirty-four-year-old independent woman, had checked out his twenty-something-year-old butt.

fetish human cage for Mistress slave

Fetish Friday: The Ex, The Bitch (continued) – chaste male fantasy files #6

There was light. To some extent I took it for granted, but the fact that light from the small window, high on the wall of the cellar that was my home, should penetrate the blanket that covered my cage, would, by many, have been regarded as unusual and welcome. I’d been taken as a slave late in the spring so I had only known the summer months in my night time prison. It did not take a great deal of imagination to know how dull, dark and uninviting this place would be in the dark days of winter.

It was presumably the light that had awoken me. How I’d ever trained myself to sleep in the confines of this cage were beyond me, but somehow I had. A very tight foetal position was the obvious initial attempt, but for some reason, it did not work. My body had somehow found a way, although I had to rely on nature to take over each night for me to repeat that particular formula. It worked and I slept. Unfortunately the constant pain in my lower back was the price I paid during my days of toil.


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Sex Toys Reviews Round Up: Hedovibes #87

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London Trip April 15 - carasutra-113

Sex News: Helping Hot Octopuss Develop New Women’s Sex Toys

Easter Monday is usually a day of relaxation and possibly regrets about how much chocolate has been consumed in a mere couple of days. Although there was a touch of the latter, I certainly didn’t have a relaxing morning last Monday – it was really quite exciting. I was on my way to London to meet up with Hot Octopuss, makers of the award winning Pulse sex toy, in order to form part of a consultation group for ongoing product development.

Staying at a hotel on Monday afternoon and night in the nearby Elstree area was heavenly, not least because of the sumptuous Laura Ashley Manor Hotel that my driver had selected for us to stay at. It really is a gorgeous hotel, set in plenty of well-tended woodland and with a rural charm which makes it seem even more of a treasure, being so close to London.

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Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Essemoh Teepee & Genevieve Ash

Callista pushed her hand between her tightly clenched thighs and pressed the heel of it against her aching flesh. The sharp tingle spread out from her center flooding her with instant heat. Damn him! She thought as her body shuddered. Why am I allowing him to make me feel this way? Surrender, indeed! The nerve of him. Does he really think he can manipulate my mind with basic NLP? He may be trying to get me in the mood for the project, but I am not his Guinea pig, I am his assistant. I will have to make the terms of this arrangement very clear before we begin. She tried to work for a while, pushing away the thoughts of her earlier conversation with Anbu and his suggestive message. She fooled herself into believing it was working, but when a video on the mating habits of the African Dung Beetle seemed arousing to her, she slammed the laptop shut. King of love, huh! She muttered to herself. Grabbing the cold bottle of Rose′ from her fridge, she headed to her neighbor Chad’s apartment.


Paying for her first lesbian sex experience

The streaming water hit my naked skin hard, hot and cathartic. I stood under the shower and enjoyed having time to focus on the night’s plans. I lathered up, letting my hands roam over my breasts, soapy fingers sliding over my nipples. The job was different from usual. A woman this time.

I’d fucked plenty of women before of course, but what was unusual was a woman actually paying for me to come do it. My usual clients were men of all ages, income, shape and size. I turned the prospect of a new job, this new client, over in my mind. Did it really matter? No. Fuck, I was actually looking forward to it. My fingers roamed in their cleaning duty, sliding between my legs to where my excitement had gathered along with the streaming lather under the steamy water. The temptation to toss myself off right then and there in the shower was strong but I managed to just about keep a hold of myself. Clients could always tell if you were genuinely turned on, and were more likely to rebook an enthusiastic girl. Might as well use that sex drive for her leisure turned business pursuit. My strong libido was such a great earner.

There hadn’t been much on the email that came through about the job. Gender, obviously, and I’d quickly replied that no, a woman wasn’t a problem, I’d told them I was bisexual when I joined. Age, 26. Younger than me but old enough. Clean bill of sex health. Something I was glad I insisted on being checked before any client call. Address. I’d booked a taxi which was due to pick me up in less than an hour. I’d better quick-step it out of the shower if I wanted to be dried and dressed in time.

Serving a Mistress

Fetish Friday: The Ex, The Bitch – chaste male slave fantasy files #5

Any power games we had been playing were now behind us. She was the boss, she was in control. I tried to prevent the gulp in my throat betraying my sense of unease but I had to swallow and in so doing virtually declared defeat.

I looked at her. She was beautiful. I hated her and had every justification for doing so, but oh what beauty. Her tight jodhpurs highlighted her labia majora, her camel toe. The weapon she’d teased and denied me with for many years before she found her bastard. I bet he fucked her, I bet, in fact I knew his cock had full access to that heavenly place.

I had no choice, I had to say it. “I still want to fuck you,” I blurted almost through tears.

She laughed out loud. It was laughter that was designed to humiliate and at the same time glorify her omnipotent victory.
She retained her powerful strident stance and looked down at me eye to eye.

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Sex Toy Review Round Up: Hedovibes #86


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