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piggy bank girls erotic crowdfunding for women

Make your piggy bank overflow with erotic crowdfunding for girls

Money. We often don’t have enough of it to do what we want, and most people’s lives include an element of trying to get more. Usually this is to cover at least the expense of everyday life, sometimes for a specific ambition or dream. That designer dress, the car that caught your eye on the forecourt, the deposit for your first home.


Crowned Jewels offer unique & body safe luxury to pleasure connoisseurs

Luxury sex toys offer their owners reliability instead of a quick and often disappointing buzz which fizzles faster than pound shop batteries. Luxury toys last for many years, are made from tested body safe materials, often come with a satisfaction and manufacturing quality guarantee and therefore lead to worry-free masturbation and sex.


Sex toys lead to satisfaction regardless of sexuality, age, gender or disability

What’s your opinion of people who use sex toys? The sex toy industry is booming, so it must be true what they say: sex sells. At least, it does to those people who confidently explore the different sensations that sex toys offer. Not everyone feels able to to stalk into a high street sex shop and brazenly thrust armfuls of rabbit vibrators and butt plugs at the cashier.

crescendo by mysteryvibe at cara sutra-5

Crescendo by MysteryVibe is the completely customisable vibrator of your sex toy dreams

MysteryVibe definitely aren’t your run-of-the-mill sex toy manufacturer. With the focus squarely on individuality and a sensual but body safe design, MysteryVibe genuinely care about the intensity of your pleasure experience using their creation. They create sex toys which are intuitive and offer multi-layered stimulation which can be tailored to your unique sexual desires.
MysteryVibe’s startlingly brilliant new product is called Crescendo. Already attracting plenty of interest from both the adult and mainstream press, Crescendo by MysteryVibe incorporates all the features that sex toy connoisseurs have been waiting for.


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As well as offering the very latest in sex toys and incredibly lifelike sex dolls, Sex Toys Flesh are giving you the chance to win some cash. Well, as good as… you can win a free $50 gift card in their generous giveaway here.
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Dale Bradford

Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Dale Bradford

Bruce was forty, fat and frumpy while she had a face like a Disney character’s; innocently round, with oversized blue eyes, a pert little nose and plump, pouty lips. Her body would never have got past Disney’s arbiters of taste though — nor proportion, as each of her enhanced breasts was almost the size of a man’s head. Equally synthetic were her stiletto nails, spider lashes, caramel tan and platinum blonde hair.

when should you let your partner make a sex tape

When Should You Allow Your Partner To Film?

For those of us who aren’t D list celebrities looking to launch ourselves on to the A list, is it ever a good idea to make a sex tape? Internet news-sites are often updated with stories of private-sex-tapes-gone-viral and revenge porn has been a hot topic on the lips of many a social commentator. Yet, when done professionally, filming a sex tape can be an exciting, intimate experience and an ever so slightly naughty way of spicing things up.